Wednesday, 12 December 2012

So Who Is John Harrison?!

So yesterday we were treated to a new piccie from Star Trek Into Darkness featuring Kirk,  Spock and.... John Harrison?!

Now far be it from me to comment that JJ Abrams is the master of deception (see Lost) but are we convinced that this is Cumberbatch's character's real name?

I see terribly little point postulating here whether it's code, he's still actually Khan or Gary Mitchell or whatever.  To be fair the rumours of Carol Marcus and Klingons that have been circulating must surely be part of the JJ Rumour War Machine gearing everyone into a frenzy for summer next year.

No doubt between now and then there will be more snippets from the movie and one or two longer trailers, rumour overdrive -  and how lucky was Japan with longer clips AND that slobberworthy additional scene reminiscent of TWOK in their trailer? Nice work Mr Abrams.

However,  let's take this latest image in the context of the trailer and what we already know.  This firmly cements the point that Cumberbatch is in Starfleet black at some point.  I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that this looks like it's from the earlier sections of the film.  Does this suggest an escape and then Cumberbatch is responsible for the crashing of the Enterprise? Of course that might actually be another Starfleet ship and not the Enterprise hitting the drink!  

If it is from earlier in the film then it would then make sense as to why everyone is out of uniform later (on Earth?) we see all those explosions on the bridge and puts Cumberbatch entrance scene in the trailer actually later on in the closing portion of STID.  Let's see if I'm right....

On a side note,  great to see the brig back in Trek.  In keeping with the IKEA bridge its much more TNG than TOS bit I think we've already become more than comfortable with the concept of the alternate time line.

As I've entitled this blog,  So Who Is John Harrison?  Starfleet? Another ship captain?  A long lost Kirk associate?  Carol Marcus' previous lover? (hence the conflict between Pine and Cumberbatch?) It's all good seeing the rumours but is there the brewing maelstrom that we are all going to be so disappointed when we find out the truth and full plot that the hype and speculation will be all we recall from this long,  long,  long awaited sequel? Moreover what roles do Peter Weller and Noel Clarke have in all this as we haven't seen either of them yet?! 

There's still a lot for us to find out and 

Your thoughts....?

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