Sunday, 25 May 2014

London Called - Destination Star Trek Answered

Back at the place where it all started. It's official now even though we had a feeling it might just happen.

The return to the UK capital was announced on Friday 2nd May 2014 with tickets due to go on sale on Monday 2nd June 2014 but after the mammoth success of both London and Frankfurt, what more could this one do? What would we want to see at the third event?

We can assume there will be some form of The Next Generation reunion as hinted at by Marina Sirtis on Twitter recently but what else? Cast appearances are nothing new however there are a couple of significant anniversaries that are worth mentioning and we've been thinking a bit further...dangerous that.

Anniversary Celebrations

This year marks the 20th anniversary since the final episode of The Next Generation aired and Star Trek: Generations premiered (1994). What a great chance to get the crew and John de Launcie, Denise Crosby and Colm Meaney together for a bit of a reminisce? For Generations isn't this a great excuse for a Shatner/Stewart/McDowell chat? Braga and Moore could also be there to discuss the writing of both! 

Looking at the shows, Deep Space Nine also finished 15 years ago - I'd love to see the cast get together and maybe even get Andrew Robinson, Aron Eisenberg, Barry Jenner, Casey Biggs, Mark Alaimo, Louise Fletcher and JG Hertzler on board for a massive celebration? (I'm now thinking these ideas are taking the event way beyond any possibilities of budget but we can dream...)

Going back a bit further we can see that it's 30 years since The Search for Spock premiered in 1984 - need we say more? Perhaps something with the remaining cast and guest stars? How about a session with the guys who designed and built the iconic Bird-of-Prey, USS Excelsior and the Grissom?

It's also five years since Star Trek (2009) premiered - could this be the first chance to celebrate that rebirth in style and get SIX captains on the stage? Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew, Bakula AND Pine all at one event! Imagine that!

Fan Projects

While there will undoubtedly be a ton of costumes and props on display for all us fans to drool over why not have a big premiere event? Surely The Holiest Thing will be ready to go by October considering the recent splurge of funds from Kickstarter? If not what about if the fourth installment of Star Trek Continues will be available? It would certainly be a unique opportunity and something not done before. Also a chance to get the respective cast, producers and directors involved with Destination Star Trek and promote the continued voyages on this side of the pond.
Who could forget (nearly did actually) Renegades? Must be something they could pull out of the bag for this outstanding event what with all this new stuff they're drip feeding us?!

Hopefully this would also mean we might see some appearances from our friends at Axanar, Futures or Horizon leading a fan productions section? I'd be there for that one.

Bloggers' Forum/Workshops

Heck yes - this should be at the top of the list of course (!). Let's get the UK's foremost bloggers, media site managers and the like together for some idea battering and maybe even some Q and A with the attending fans - what do they like reading/seeing/engaging with? We're probably getting it all wrong so let's get some feedback from those that matter and make it all worthwhile (been a while since we last used that header...). We do know there will be fan forums with topics already being banded around on Twitter - Dominion War anyone? 

Gaming Sessions

Big event sessions for Star Trek Online or maybe the new Infinity Wars tradable online card game? Just a thought (and we have something on that shortly). It would get the community together in a different way - imagine seeing all those fans strategising in one place!

No question that Online will be there promo-ing loads of stunning upcoming new episodes and features - but what about having a special Destination episode that only gets to be played while the event is on or even more specifically AT the event? Given that it's only in October this might be a long shot. Still, hold it in reserve for the fourth one?!


Probably taking a bit of flak over the first run of issues but hey, what about this as a great occasion to officially reveal the 41-50 or even the 50-70 runs? Bring along some of the samples too - we've not seen much in the way of sneak peaks from the desk of Ben Robinson for a few months now. The last ones might even have been the Solar Sailor! Let's not stick them in a corner of an exhibitors room, why not get them on stage, get these guys to present what they're doing and interact with an audience - maybe even let a few of us bloggers interview them as part of the event? Wouldn't we love to see some juicy revelations about upcoming specials? How about having a starship that will only be available at the Destination events?! Hey, +Nils W. what about this being the USS Pasteur?!

What would you like to see at Destination Star Trek London? Is there an event you've thought would make a great attraction? Why not suggest it here!

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