Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Few Key Words: Star Trek 2017 Teaser

Build up the hype why don't you?!

For some time we've been hoping to see a glimpse of what's going on with the new TV show which will begin filming this Autumn in Toronto.

Today we got something at least which was a very bland thirty second tease of the new show. The graphics fly through unknown star systems, around planets, a fiery sun and through a meteor shower which is all very nice but there are a few things that will be getting fans talking very, very quickly. 

The first of these is the tag line used right at the end. New Crews, New Villains, New Heroes, New Worlds. The latter three are all by the by but New Crews drew my eyes to it straight away. This is the first serious indication that we will be looking at something larger in scope than we've experienced before.

Now this could also suggest we're going to get a series which might focus on a couple of ships in different places over the course of the series rather than one ship for a whole year. Again, just a suggestion. I think it's way, way too early to say whether this series is going to be brilliant or half season and cancelled for being dreadful but that heroes and villains tag does make me wonder if this is going to be heading into pure action/adventure territory rather than high quality character driven storytelling.

What I do like is that CBS have chosen to revamp the logo completely with the silver effect text and that sliced delta shield with a bronzed, buffed effect. 

Aside from the hint of a seasonal anthology this is merely a place holder for a show which has a writing staff but has yet to shoot a scene or even announce an official casting. Nice graphics, clever use of the intro tones from the original series but let's not get too excited yet.

You can check out the new teaser right here on the CBS YouTube channel.

And just while we're talking teasers, we got another couple of pics from Star Trek Beyond this week. One which offers a brand new pic of Kirk and Chekov in some form of wreckage strewn environment and the second which has Uhura and Sulu looking a bit concerned. This second shot is similar to one we saw during the infamous trailer which saw the pair apparently in some form of quarry-like prison camp area. Neither shot tells us much about the movie - again - but at least we're receiving something...?

What did you think to the teaser? 

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Trailer images taken from CBS YouTube trailer
Star Trek Beyond Images via Twitter

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