Saturday, 8 October 2016

96 - 100: The Latest on the Starships Collection


We get through New York and now Ben Robinson goes and hits us with the craft that will take us right up to the centennial issue. 

So let's take a look and offer our thoughts on the next few ships

96. Orion Starship

Remastered and coming soon - this adds to the Antares, the Stella and the Medusan starship from the ruck of craft added to The Original Series in its more recent and polished form. A pretty cool design, that rear ring looks like it could be a packaging nightmare waiting to happen...
Anticipation Factor: 2.5/5

97. USS Rhode Island

A rare variant; this time a spin on the Nova Class first seen as the USS Equinox in Voyager. This twist is also from Voyager but this time from Endgame and captained by Harry Kim in the alternative future timeline. The biggest visual difference is the "filling in" of the saucer cut-out but I expect there to be a few other minor tweaks in play.
Anticipation Factor: 3.5/5

98. Academy Trainer

Sadly sans the Cobra logo from GI Joe due to copyright issues. The smallest of this latest batch announced and one barely seen except for stills in The First Duty. Nice compact design and continues that recent trend for smaller entries from the franchise. Not massively excited by this one.
Anticipation Factor: 2/5

99. Assimilated Arctic Transport

One we didn't expect in any fashion is this one episode ship from Enterprise. The Borg's means of escaping Earth (aka Arctic One), this is a really unusual addition mixing cybernetic elements with a human vessel. How this is reproduced and given that assimilated feeling will be exciting to see.
Anticipation Factor: 4/5

100. Daedalus Class

WOW. Just WOW. I actually asked Ben Robinson at Destination Star Trek just a few hours before the announcement if issue 100 was going to be the USS Discovery and he dismissed that possibility very quickly! It makes a lot of sense that what was the original design for the USS Enterprise would be the centennial issue. It's so simple, so retro but yet hugely significant in the overall picture of the franchise that being issue 100 is the ultimate tip of the hat to Matt Jefferies and everything that came thereafter.
Anticipation Factor: 5/5

As part of the presentation at Destination Star Trek, Ben also revealed more details around the Cheyenne Class and that between 101 and 110 we will be seeing more of the craft from Wolf 359. Larger models of all the Enterprise's are also promised with the Eaglemoss stand displaying the first - the NCC-1701 from The Original Series - which is due in 2017 and is set to cost around £50. New CG has been located for the Enterprise-C and for those of us who grumbled over the Enterprise-E being too compacted, that one can't come soon enough. Could well be we will see big Defiant and Voyager too.

Also on display at the event were the upcoming ships from the 90's including the ECS Horizon, the Medusan Starship, the Federation Holoship, Gorn Starship, Romulan Scoutship and the USS Saratoga still bearing the registry of the USS Reliant! I also managed to grab a look at the Designing Starships book. While there is a lot of repeated material from the magazines there are also whole new sections on unseen designs, the shuttles and the Borg which will appeal to any fan. 

Here's a selection of shots for you to enjoy...

Great times ahead for the Starships Collection with these announcements and great that they've listened to fans who wanted bigger versions of the hero starships.

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