Monday, 5 December 2016

Boldly Go Beyond "Beyond" with IDW

Ian Kimmins gives us a look into the latest IDW offering...

Boldly Go kicks off where Star Trek Beyond ended. Sort of!!

Let me explain. Those last few minutes we see of the new Enterprise being built takes place over a few months and it's in these months that Boldly Go starts its run. 

We start off with a long shot of a very familiar looking ship & each new panel brings us closer until we realise- this isn't the Enterprise! We are on board the USS Endeavour - this is Kirk's temporary command and this is one of the most interesting part of this run-Kirk has a whole new crew to deal with as the Enterprise crew have been assigned new roles while the ship is being built. 

Chekov & McCoy do follow Kirk to the Endeavour. Spock and Uhura head to Vulcan. Sulu is assigned to a ship with a familiar face and Scotty has a teaching role at the academy where we get to see some of the characters from the Starfleet Academy series.

One thing that has been a hallmark of the old ongoing series is the character relationships and it seems Mike Johnson is continuing this in Boldly Go

As this issue wraps up one can only wonder what threat is big enough to bring the crew back together? 

As issue two kicks off Kirk is trying to find out what happened to the USS Concord. They only have one clue an audio recording that says "Resistance is futile" Yes; the guys at IDW have brought the Borg to the Kelvin timeline.

The Concord happens to be the ship Sulu is assigned to and its captain is none other than (The Wrath of Khan's) Terrell and it seems the good captain's lot is a bad one regardless of the timeline. 

Sulu naturally survives the Borg attack and the story is told from his point of view. The tension in the story is well played as we switch between Kirk and the rest of his old crew. As we await issue three we are left hanging wondering how this particular threat will be dealt with. 

Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen are on point with the Boldly Go series. George Caltsoudas' covers are excellent so if you haven't picked up any of the Kelvin Timeline comics, Boldly Go is a good jumping on point. 

You might say Resistance is Futile! 

Reading Boldly Go? Do you think it's a good series? Is the arrival of the Borg a mistake?

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