Wednesday, 14 August 2019

All Under One Roof

The significance of the above image may not immediately mean anything but for the first time since 2006 both the movie and TV licences will be owned by the SAME business as Viacom and CBS are set to reunite after a series of recent murmurings. 

But what does this all mean for the franchise powerhouse?

Simply put it means that the TV and movie opportunities can once again be properly intertwined. No longer will Viacom need to tread their own path, spin out into alternate universes, reboot and boldly go differently. It offers the possibility that one day Discovery or one of the subsequent franchise behemoths could venture onto the big screen beyond the confines of TV and it’s smaller scope. 

Estimated to bring about a company worth $28 billion, ViacomCBS will Control every aspect of Star Trek - but will they pass it all under Alex Kurtzman’s guidance or will he remain solely in command of its televised adventures? For the eagle-eyed of course there's a certain iron that Kurtzman - one of the guys behind the movie reboot over on Viacom/Paramount etc should be the one who is now at the helm of the franchise's future on the CBS lot. Could this have been the Big Plan all along so he will be in overall control of Star Trek's direction for the foreseeable future?

What also of the Quentin Tarantino movie which remains the focus of much speculation and excitement? What names might this draw in and will he now have the option to dig into the rich TV past of Star Trek to utilise it’s toybox of characters and events to add a more mature aspect to the universe? How long will it be now before there's an announcement about the future of Star Trek on a cinematic scale?

These are, I’m sure you would agree, very exciting times for the franchise - to know that everything has been reunited and managed in one hub. If the future for Star Trek was already looking bright with the range of series coming then this must be almost blinding in comparison. 

There's also been speculation that Star Trek could become the next Marvel Cinematic Universe. I honestly don't think so. As a concept yes in terms of having both movie and TV entries in its collection but in relation to box office numbers and hype I'd err on the side of caution. Star Trek will not draw in that kind of attention. Yes, it has lasted over half a century but it's not as big a draw and nor will Star Trek be pumping out three or four movies a year plus TV content. Already we're discussing saturation with at least five series in some stage of work (two animated, Discovery, Picard and Section 31) without even considering what the movie arm of the universe might be doing.

That's the thing though - this truly is now the Star Trek Universe - all aspects controlled in one place, one home. It all seems to be coming together rather well at the moment wouldn't you agree...?

Happy to see the franchise reunited after so long? What would you want to see as the result of this reunification?

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