Monday, 4 February 2013

Thirty Seconds Into Darkness

I've even managed to avoid using any headers relating "Superbowl" to the film title (after a revision) because it's already been cliched to death and that's not what we're about here!!!

Accompanied by a sudden power outage at the beginning of the second half, it was (eventually) a great night not just for Baltimore Ravens fans but cinema lovers too with a plethora of new trailers wedged among some of the most expensive advert slots of the year.

Of course we're here to look at particular 30 seconds worth of $2.5 million and for those of you who haven't seen it yet,  here's a nice little link to the latest teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness  which some fans will now get to see TWO DAYS early at special IMAX 3D screenings!

It's not the longest piece of footage we could have wished for but it does give us a couple of juicy new lines of dialogue and some stunning new images of the Enterprise crumbling as it falls to Earth. As a flagship this baby sure does get one helluva kicking whatever reality it exists in. Whatever the case, it's definitely a mouth-watering lure for the big event.
"You think your world is safe. It is not."
As a trailer this works to an absolute tee as we once more see Harrison in the cell, a new shot of an apparent bomb attack on San Francisco (which would suggest the reason for the recall of the Enterprise to Earth), Spock alone on the fire/volcanic world, with Uhura and finally jumping off that really tall building ...again.  
"Who the hell are you?"
We have more familiar images of Kirk and Harrison "facing off"; masses of trademark lens flare and then Harrison getting bad-ass with his big gun. Before you worry that there's "more of the same" but in a shorter time span than the first trailer, we get some additional footage which suggests that the Enterprise crash is in some way responsible for the destruction we saw in the original 2 minute super-teaser a few weeks back. Dispersed between the last 15 seconds of the montage we also get an ominous warning backed by that haunting Inception/The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack (again) with a wonderful retro addition. Did you hear it? Yep - the bleepy, bleepy sound from the viewscreen pacing lights!  Wonderful touch there!

To be fair, it's well worth watching just for the snippets of the ship more than anything else!
"I am better..."
So the trailer has sent theories into orbit with its new dialogue putting it even more firmly into a lot of minds that Harrison is Khan - but he's in a Starfleet uniform? Well, if you recall the first reboot film, Kirk spent a good deal of time in black because he wasn't officially part of the crew; he was just an "observer" which would answer those who say he's a renegade Starfleet commander (ie Garth of Izar) but then that doesn't rule him out as Khan or maybe...Flint? As we know, he's a pretty old guy by the time of The Original Series and lived a load of lifetimes. One to consider fellow Trek fans. Sadly now it's a virtual certainty we can rule out Gary Mitchell. Sorry, sir, you're off the list.
"At what?"
How about this for another theory to throw into the mix - what if we haven't seen Khan yet? Could Harrison really be Harrison; one of his minions preparing the way for the Super Baddie who we get to see later in the film? One thing we seem to be forgetting is that no-stranger-to-Star Trek Peter Weller hasn't turned up in one bit of footage yet. Is JJ performing one of the greatest slight of hand tricks ever, making us all examine Harrison and get hooked onto this protagonist to then pull the rug and reveal that he's just the cover for something even more impressive? I would add the fact that we have only seen a TEASER poster so far and that makes me think that there might be another, more revealing one to come before release date. After all, Trek films of the past have always had a teaser poster (as per the background of this blog) so this one might not be an exception. 
So here we are again - another trailer making us think and counter think about the possibilities which will either prove a ton of people right since the beginning that it's Khan or give a lot of conspiracy theorists the smug satisfaction that they weren't sucker-punched and drawn into the Abrams web of secrecy. Hilariously from the producers' point of view they must be loving it - they don't provide much new material and the whole of Trekdom is going to Red Alert. I applaud thee, Mr Abrams. Let's hope the endgame matches the opening moves.
"...Shall we begin?"
While we're at it let's not forget that the super, wonderful, amazing, brilliant mobile app I discussed a few weeks back has been released and does everything you would want; trailers, scanning things for extra special stuff and all linked into the new film. Rank up, get rewards and enjoy! Stunning!!! Shame it's not available in the UK so we'll have to take our US and Canadian friends' word for it I'm afraid. Epic fail there, JJ (and associates) - should've been a global opportunity to sell the film to the fans by giving them some treats into the palms of their hands on Android and iPhone. Fingers crossed that there's something to ease our Trek withdrawls as we get nearer to May - and what's going on with Are you the 1701? Who'd forgotten that existed?


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