Official Starships Collection Resource

Welcome to our easy reference list to The Official Starships Collection from Eaglemoss. Click on the links to see our reviews and pictures of the available issues.


  • Bajoran Freighter
  • Klingon D5
  • Vidiian Starship
  • USS Jenolan
  • Smugglers' Ship
  • Kazon Warship
  • Klingon Bird-of-Prey (Attack formation)
  • Cheyenne Class
  • Borg Queen's Ship
  • Springfield Class
  • Captain Proton's Rocket Ship
  • USS Phoenix
  • Lokirrim Fighter
  • Challenger Class
  • Tellarite Starship

Special Editions

Online Special Editions ("M" Series)


  • NX-01 Shuttlepod
  • Executive Shuttle STVI: TUC
  • Type-7 Shuttlecraft TNG
  • Type-15 Shuttlepod TNG
  • Ralph McQuarrie's USS Enterprise
  • Phase II USS Enterprise
  • XCV-30 Ring Ship
  • USS Titan
  • USS Aventine

Subscribers Special Editions
More added as and when official listings are available!