Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness: Berlin Done

Another location ticked off and a glam premiere night held in the German capital. 

Apparently this was the biggest launch night of the movie yet with five of the cast (above) and JJ in attendance. I suspect the official world premiere in London might just top it in a couple of days time! You can also check the dates of release here with a handy link through to the full listing. Luckily Abrams has still got time to slot an interview or two in (filmed in Australia) and he's been talking to IGN recently about how he's making Star Trek for non-Star Trek fans. I think initially this can be seen by the phenomenal takings that the 2009 film managed in comparison to all the previous 10 movies

JJ openly admits that he's not a fan but went into it looking at what he would want from a film and then combining it with Star Trek lore but still ensure you didn't need to know a massive backstory to enjoy it. Essentially, he's made it his own and you don't need to see anything other than the 2009 reboot. If you're already thinking about what's going to be happening with the undoubted third installment from the JJ-verse, you could do no worse than drop over to a great site, io9 and their new blog regarding who might be in the running - or should be int he running to direct Star Trek Into Darkness' follow up if Abrams is out of the frame.

Anyway, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's round up what's going on today.

"You're much cleverer than your reputation suggests." - Carol Marcus
"I have a reputation?!" - Kirk

A new TV spot entitled Reputation has also hit the screens today. The majority of it we've seen before but there are a couple of new shots buried in there as well as some new dialogue between Kirk and Pike. I'm liking the setup concept behind these trailers as it's giving us an impression of where the characters are within their personal journeys. In the case of Kirk were seeing how he's not totally matured into the legendary captain  we knew from the Original Series (parallel universes aside)  and you get the hint that this movie is not only a step into darkness but also a significant turning point in Kirk's life. It seems this could be his boy-to-man event much more-so than the first film. 

A large amount of the promotional material has spot-lit either Kirk or nemesis Harrison. Short, sweet and it's impressive how much mileage Paramount and Bad Robot are getting out of a fairly limited amount of trailer material. Here we get a shot of Kirk eyeing up the ladies at Starfleet Command, Pike and Kirk having a chat over a drink (probably a Bud) and some more of Carol Marcus bearing all while Kirk averts his wandering eyes. You just have to watch everything now just to spot a new shot or hear a new line of dialogue!


"You have any idea what a pain you are?" - Admiral Pike
"I thought that's why you talked me into signing up in the first place?" - Kirk

If you've not caught it already, here's the direct link to the video posted by trekmovie.com


There's also a fantastic new IMAX poster which those lucky few who view it on Wednesday 8th or midnight on Thursday 9th will receive as part of their unique movie experience. Little bit jealous but I'll survive I guess! It's a gorgeous piece and if anyone out there who gets one doesn't like it,  I can suggest a very accepting home,  postage paid....! This print is part of a a new IMAX FANFLIX program around the sneak peek showings that are taking place at 8pm on the Wednesday night with Star Trek getting the first new image. 

Some sites have also suggested that these will be available at midnight showings on the Thursday but my inclination is more towards the former. The poster was commissioned by Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot in association with Gallery 1988 and artist Mark Englert so it's not your average cinema flyer poster - take good care fellow Trek fans! Just to add to your desires - it glows in the dark!!! (Way too cool!). Here's the image which, sadly here, doesn't glow. (this came in a bit late last night so apologies for the delay!)

How about adding this to the promo campaign - shot on the Enterprise bridge set, there's now an insurance advert for Esurance  - it's an amusing diversion for a few seconds if only to see the bridge set again and remember Spock's teaching in The Wrath of Khan that he is not thinking in three dimensions....!

How about this to add some Star Trek to your day perhaps? A BRILLIANT snippet of an interview with Simon "Scotty" Pegg which includes some great new footage ("D'ya hear that, I called him Perfect Hair!"). It certainly highlights Scotty as a larger than life character and Pegg has certainly added his own tweaks to the established image created by James Doohan.  (from Megatrailer.tv)

There's some new scenes of Scotty worrying about the ship sitting on the bottom of an ocean, getting a call from Kirk while in the bar with Keenser and a final addition with the engineer attempting to navigate the inclining corridors as the Enterprise begins her nosedive ("One day I've been off this ship! One bloody day!"). Check it out, what do you think? It's a complete turnaround from earlier in the campaign when he was blatantly absent but now the European leg is kicking in they seem to be wheeling Scotty out on every occasion - posters, premieres....It's great to see.

The UK Guardian newspaper has dropped a piece on line this afternoon looking for people to provide them with questions to ask JJ Abrams, Alice Eve, Simon Pegg and Benedict Cumberbatch when they interview them next week. If you're interested in adding your suggestion to the pot. The Guardian have asked that the questions be Star Trek and not Star Wars related...@Googleplay are also going to be doing something similar so you can tweet your questions to #AskBenedict (wonder who that could be for?!)

Just for note - if any of you are missing your #1701 email, make sure to check your spam. That's where mine seems to be ending up at the moment. Three emails in there today....! Has anyone posted to this and if so, what have you snapped or filmed? What's the draw and are we going to get something equivalent in the UK (as with the mobile app).

In the meantime, here are a couple more shots of the extra bits from the new promotional Scotty Speaks vid just to add to your mouth-watering, nail-biting and seemingly excrucitatingly long wait for Star Trek Into Darkness. (all captured by SKoST)

 "Do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to hide a starship on the bottom of the ocean?! We've been down here since last night!"

If it isn't Captain James Tiberius Perfect Hair..."

Don't forget to check back during the day for updates - are we going to get another Harrison Viral today? Is it Uhura? Also you can follow the promotional trail via the Countdown to Star Trek Into Darkness label below.

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