Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Remember Nemesis? Or is it Dorn's Day?

Like the proverbial London bus there's nothing and then everything comes along at once. Today marks two super special occasions in the History of Star Trek and we thought what better way than to talk about them both!

Apologies that this is a day late but life in general took a precedent!

First up would you believe it's 11 years since the final motion picture from The Next Generation crew limped into cinemas? The less said about its takings...and plot...and...yeah, ok...everything - the better perhaps. Still a shame to this day that they went out without a bang. I've watched it again recently and it's not as bad as I remember which isn't saying it's good if you know what I mean. We at Some Kind of Star Trek have a little something planned around Nemesis in the New Year but we'll come back to you on that one shortly!

Secondly, 9th December was also Michael Dorn's birthday (1952). While we could wander into remembering 10 Great Worf moments or best lines, I thought it might be better to do something different and a little unique to mark the occasion. After all, Worf is the character with the most screen time out of any series or movie ever and has certainly developed in a lot of ways since Encounter at Farpoint where he was essentially a background part.

Hence we bring you Worf-olution - a voyage through each year of the character on the screen (live action only!) and the subtle changes you might be able to spot - ok and there's one that wasn't actually played by Michael Dorn before we get floods of abuse but hey, enjoy!

...OK and if you're wondering I'll throw in ten top Worf moments just because it's Michael Dorn's (belated) birthday post - and in no particular order and I can assure you there are a lot more!

  • Killing Gowron; Tacking into the Wind (Deep Space Nine)
  • Leaving the Enterprise-D; Redemption (The Next Generation)
  • Arriving on Deep Space Nine and KO's Martok's son; Way of the Warrior (Deep Space Nine)
  • Refusing to provide blood for a Romulan; The Enemy (The Next Generation)
  • Delivering Keiko's baby; Disaster (The Next Generation)
  • Saving his wife takes priority over the mission; Change of Heart (Deep Space Nine)
  • Realising he's married to Troi in an alternative reality; Parallels (The Next Generation)
  • Fighting the Jem'Hadar at their prison camp; By Inferno's Light (Deep Space Nine)
  • Singing Gilbert and Sullivan; Star Trek: Insurrection
  • Coming to Picard's rescue against the Borgified Lieutenant Hawke; Star Trek: First Contact

Now then...what event do we have coming up next...

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