Friday, 20 June 2014

Get to the Escape Pod!

As you might have gathered by now I do like to discuss Star Trek.

Usually it's through the forum of Some Kind of Star Trek but occasionally I've been known to stray from the written word into other formats and last week was one of those opportunities. 

Back in April 2013 we reviewed the 18th and 19th episodes of the Starfleet Escape Podcast and immediately struck up a great relationship with the team behind the production, +Aaron Gallo +Marty Hogan and +Eric Berry . I've been an avid listener and question-answering contributor ever since and on many, many email conversations there has been the suggestion that at some point I could join the crew and lend my voice to their discussion.

Well, after more than a couple of failed attempts (more due to me than anything) we managed it - even though I had to stay up well past my bedtime to link in with the Boston-based segment who are about seven hours behind the UK and it was worth it. 

Sadly I was only able to talk Trek with Aaron but it was still a fantastic experience and one I hope they will allow me to repeat in the not too distant future. If you're not familiar with the show, here's a brief summary - the team run through the latest Star Trek news, voicing their opinions on a range of topics which this time included Phase II, medical tricorders and Jonathan Frakes continued directing career as well as a featured product which this time were The Original Series ceramic shot glasses.

After that we got into the nitty gritty of All Good Things... since we've recently marked it's 20th anniversary. You might recall that I dropped a piece on the blog about that finale a few weeks ago but this conversation took it to a whole different level and even managed to divert off into tangents of Red Dwarf, cult movies and Doctor Who which were totally unplanned but meant it was a great free-flowing conversation from start to finish. No question we left a lot of stuff untouched but we still managed to get into a lot of areas of All Good Things..., pass an opinion or two and reveal some of our real thoughts on The Next Generation's final TV story. It was great to have a chat with someone whom I've been emailing or messaging in some form for a good year and a bit and it's strange to think that when All Good Things... was originally aired, a Google+ Hangout conversation was a thing of dreams and we'd have had to make do with snail mail. A podcast certainly wouldn't have been possible.

From all the threads and diversions we managed to pull out an hour and three quarters on the news and main topic. Rounding it out were listeners opinions on whether they would use time travel or not and Aaron's grumble - or as it's better known, the Quantum State of Flux. It was a shame I didn't get to bounce our thoughts off Marty and Eric this time which does give me some leverage to go back for a second attempt but we'll leave the fans and the Podcast team to decide if that's such a good idea. I loved every second of the show as you'll be able to tell from a touch of over-exuberance and have to thank the team for letting me into their audio lifeboat this time round.

In the mean time I can 100% recommend that you get yourselves over to the Starfleet Escape Podcast website and download the latest installment as well as have a run through their back catalogue of both main episodes (totalling 41 now) and supplemental slots. I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the rich variety of topics and opinions which have acted as a companion for many a long road journey. A lot of work has gone into the show and when I found out that the recording is only a fraction of the work behind the scenes I was even more impressed (especially since I could go to bed!!!)

Keep up the great work guys - looking forward to the next installment.

Take a trip right now over to the site and check out the team's work TODAY!

You can also find the Starfleet Escape Podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Risa. No excuses.

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