Wednesday, 16 July 2014

When We Talked to Marc

With all our technical obstacles overcome we can finally post our interview with author, Marc Cushman.

For those of you in the know, it's also a pretty time to post this as July 13th marks 45 years since Star Trek was originally broadcast in the UK. For me in particular this is massively significant since without my Dad ever watching those airings I would never have caught the bug in the mid-80's and watched the BBC2 repeats then.

Shortly before the release of These are the Voyages season two we were granted a hour to chat to the man behind the three-volume series - but it went over by some time.

Which is why we've edited the interview into "bitesize" segments running from the introduction right through to our little test for Marc - but we'd recommend you listen in order.

So without anymore waffle, drop in and join us as we talk to Marc about all things Star Trek and importantly, the arrival of the second book in the series....and there are a few gems of info dotted here and there too....


Back to the 80's

So how did Marc get into all this and where did it stem from?

Getting into the Voyages

It took a few years to get started but now it's in full flow...

Compiling the Volumes

Marc talks about his expectations for the series.

Printing Up

Working with the publishers, producing the covers and the differences in the stills used and others out there.

Talking Research

Getting those key interviews and sources before it's too late; and what was going on with Spock's Brain???

Six from SKoST

And just to test Marc's substantial knowledge of The Original Series...

Wrapping Up

Thanks to Marc and signing off...

These are the Voyages is available right now from Jacobs Brown priced $29.95. You can purchase your copy by dropping over to the site HERE.

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