Sunday, 7 December 2014

Funko Goes Next

When Entertainment Earth's email landed this week I almost didn't read it.

Glad I did though as they anounced the latest Funko Star Trek figures which are slated for a March 2015 release and I for one can't wait.

Already we have the original crew with an Orion Slave Girl, a Klingon and an Andorian (no Khan?) but from next year you'll be able to step into The Next Generation era with the Picard crew and they are simply brilliant.

Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf and Troi all receive their very own vinyl figures but at the moment there's no Dr Crusher or Wesley which we think should be a special double-pack. Clad in their third season uniform variations (Troi in her season four and onwards grey onsie) from the show these are just begging you to part with some cash and can be pre-ordered now. La Forge and Troi are actually my favourites here as they do offer something a little varied in style. But for me it's the non-crew additions to this release which really excite my Trekdar.

First up there's the armour clad Klingon with a Worf-like countenance (if a bit more grey in the beard) holding his bat'leth and ready to do some honoury stuff.

However, all of the above are eclipsed by the Must Buy Locutus (or Lo-CUTE-us) of Borg. Trekdom everywhere probably skipped a heartbeat when they saw this one. The outfit is superbly screen accurate including that "red dot" laser and the armature piece. This one could be the best recreation in the Star Trek vinyl figures range to date - sold out on preorders? Probably. We've included some large images of the announced range below for you to enjoy. I have to ask if we'll see a Romulan soon in this range as I suspect a Ferengi and a Cardassian will be staples of the Deep Space Nine release that would be the obvious choice next (Garak please!). 

The new The Next Generation range are available for pre-order now from Entertainment Earth HERE. Go on, order the set.

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