Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Soul Searching: News from Renegades and Star Trek 3

In the US or Canada and happen to be an actor available for work in the next few months?

Why not try out for casting in Star Trek 3 which is looking for people to fill all sorts of roles right this cotton-picking minute.

You can check out the ad right now and as long as you're free between June 1st and October 1st this year, the odds could be in your favour. The important thing to note is that they're looking for both starring and supporting roles which makes it a very open field.

That may mean that rumours around Bryan Cranston/a Bryan Cranston-type baddie are just that; rumours until better substantiated. From memory I think there were some indications they were looking to fill two female main cast roles as well but with the change in script and director, who is to say that these are even being considered anymore? How old were the rumours by the time we heard them?

Certainly news in relation to the movie is sketchy yet it is still 15 months until release - something that can't be said of Star Trek: Renegades which continues not to be available.

The news on this one is that March 15th saw the release of - and I couldn't quite believe this - a music video to promote the film. Serious. A music video from Automatik Eden. (who?)

Filled with some sunny, rocky imagery and front woman Cela Scott (who plays Lexxa's mum) in suitably futuristic/post-apocalypse attire, I never saw this one coming. It manages to spin in quotes from the trailers we've seen but I don't know if this was a good move. We've been teased, we've been appeased but there's still nothing substantial after all the waiting. 

Captain of my Soul is a bit samey if I do say so and while elegantly performed by the duo it's not a move I would expect from anything in Star Trek and will probably draw direct comparisons to a certain Russell Watson-vocalised main title from the early 00's.  Directed by Tim Russ and starring Automatik Eden's singer - probably at Vasquez Rocks - the song includes the rote from the second trailer and even bears it as a title which in itself is from Invictus by William Ernest Henley. 

Commenting on music isn't one of my strong points but the video does include some great shots of the Renegades ship seemingly in combat with the USS Archer as well as some more shots of Adrienne Wilkinson's Lexxa Singh taking on Vic Mignogna's Cardassian prisoner as per last year's clip and a couple of snaps of Tuvok and Chekov looking all anxious. There's also a shot of two black-clad heavies walking through the desert wielding phaser rifles. I've no idea how these guys fit in to the plot as it's the first time I've spotted them in all the materials to come out of the project.

The action sequences don't really give us a lot to go on especially where Lexxa is concerned as most of her clips involve some form of fist fight latterly with the new enemy featured in the movie.

There's also a few shots of Manu Intiraymi facing off against some opposition with one heck of an impressive piece of weaponry. Shame that we don't get much more to go on than stolen moments which don't appear to directly link. However, the shots of the key ships within Renegades does mean we get some glorious passing shots of the two vessels and gives us a good look at the unusual design of the Archer's secondary hull and gaping maw of a deflector dish. From the top, sleek and sexy but butt ugly from the front.

Automatik Eden's video is nice and glossy and relates directly to the Renegades movie. As a singer Cela Scott seems pretty good although I'm unfamiliar with anything else she and music partner David Crocco have done before this (heck - I had to check the web just to see if Automatik Eden is just one person or a group...). I will now have to go and check out other tracks they've done via their website.

But that aside which has opened me up to a new musical avenue, why do I feel like this is another stall in a process which seems to have taken an age to get anywhere? Just checking out the Renegades page on YouTube you can see how long it is since there was any serious activity and the same can be said of the website and Facebook pages. Apparently the visual effects are being sorted as we write with only 20 of the 627 left to finish and while this promo video does drop a few nice shots of makeup and CGI, I for one am right on the edge waiting to see the finished result...and soon please.

Have you watched the Automatik Eden video? Is it what you would have wanted to come from the Renegades stable? Check it out HERE.

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