Sunday, 14 June 2015

Starships Updated: Issues 66 - 70 Revealed

Sunday morning and we got some new ships for the Official Starships Collection!

Just about to reach it's 50th issue in July, we already have the numbers up to 65 but with his birthday upon us and after reaching 1,701 followers on Twitter, series master Ben Robinson has revealed the next few vessels set to adorn many a collector's already creaking shelves. Best order another cabinet now folks.

Earlier than expected, issues 66 to 70 are unlocked from the vaults of Eaglemoss so here's a quick overview for your day...There's some good, some unusual and certainly something for everyone.

66 SS Raven

One fans have been asking about - the Hansen family's Borg-investigating starship first seen in bits in season four's The Raven and again in season five's Dark Frontier in better shape. A one-off design and not a Starfleet ship I would definitely put this into the "must-have" league. 

67 Klingon Battlecruiser

The original, unchanged and as we saw her in The Original Series. No remastering, no new panels, all 1960's all the way. In comparison there's likely to be less detail than the movie version from issue seven. Officially classed as the D7 but never mentioned on-screen. Sure to be a big winner and a damn hard model to review....! Oh - and talking of not mentioning the classification on the show...

68 Federation Fighter

Never named on-screen as the Peregrine Class fighter, she's the small attack ship most commonly seen either in battle during the Dominion War or in the hands of the Maquis. Good addition and should turn out highly detailed considering it's a small ship.

69 Breen Warship

Another from the Dominion War as Ben indicated yesterday on Twitter. Lots of detail potential in this ship which was only ever seen in the final ten episode arc of Deep Space Nine but caused more than enough problems for the Federation and their allies. Seeing which bits are metal and what is plastic will be intriguing since there's a lot of angles and fiddly bits to play with. Certainly going to be one of the more difficult to produce? Not the first model out of this one but Eaglemoss will be almost certain to detail this beyond anything that has come from the (smaller scale) Whizkidz catalogue.

70 Voth City Ship

Curve-ball! Yep - the big Voth ship from Distant Origins. Only a few issues after Professor Geigen's vessel too if you're keeping up (that will have been issue 62)! Not one I would have expected but that's what the collection is about - variety. Looking forward to this as the more unusual ones seem to turn out being the best (see Fortunate for details!).

So to recap - that's one from The Original Series, two from Deep Space Nine and two from Voyager. No Enterprise (rare!) or The Next Generation this time people!

What are your thoughts on these new arrivals? Impressed? Something missing? Let us know below!

You can drop by the Starships Collection official site here or see the official announcement on Hero Collector here. You can also search our resource for reviews of every released issue to date here.

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