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It's now 6.58am and I'm somewhere between Stoke and Stafford on the way to Telford and the Park Inn ahead of First Contact Day 2016.   

A full year in the making its not been the easiest of trips for the team as we discussed in yesterday's short preview post but now the big day is here and fingers crossed that it will be 100% clean sailing for the organisation team helmed by Wil Ross and David Limburg.   

Throughout the day this will be the live Some Kind of Star Trek feed on what's happening, who's talking, what they're talking about and (hopefully) some pics of events as they're taking place from 10am this morning. As I mentioned via Twitter, if you are able to drop by and say hello, please do and why not even write a few lines on Some Kind of Star Trek and let us know what you think of FCD 2016 while you're there?!   

Ok. I'm off to level up some crew on Star Trek Timelines but I'll be back shortly once I've reached the venue itself!
Natalie and Keith Polkinghorne as Lyta Alexander
and Kosh with organister David Limburg

8.18am - room is looking set and ready. Really warm greeting from Wil and David on the way in. Did I just spot JG Hertzler crossing reception to breakfast?!

Just for note Mini Martok will be joining me throughout the day to help with the site and keep me on my toes. If you spot him, come say hello!

9am - doors are about to open and we'll be seeing the first attendees in. Excitement level is building but that might just be the Earl Grey at this point.

9.15am and the first few guests are making their way in. Lots of activity and lots of stuff for fans to be tempted with from ships to jewellery, books and everything between and either side of the spectrum. Good thing the wife curbed my spending today.

9.33am kicking off and we have an impromptu lightsaber fight plus potentially one of the greatest cosplays I've seen. Not Star Trek but hey, credit where credit it due!

9.45am and The Engage Podcast have (finally) rocked up. Good to see you gents!

We're sitting right by John Carrigan and Aron Eisenberg which is fantastic!!! All the guests are in the house and start time is getting close.

10.21 caught up with these guys as they entered - (l to r below) Andre Smith, Derek Wheatland and Lee Bradley aka Riker, Picard and Data - look fantastic and a rather impressive phaser rifle.

10.30 Mega opening ceremony from Wil and David. Not the event they wanted but the support here is phenomenal. Standing ovation for the organisers and a surprise anonymous donation. What an incredible and emotional start to the day.

11.07 and Aron Eisenberg takes to the stage! Ferengi heads were two pieces. Aron's was actually one piece - head and nose - when he started on Deep Space Nine at the age of 23 (heckled by JG who says he's 62!).

JG and Aron make a great double act. Seriously. They should do a comedy circuit. 

Aron's makeup took three hours and then got down to 90 minutes. 

Aron's new kidney (from December 29th transplant) is going well. Great to see him looking fine and well today.  Aron very concerned that his original transplant would last through Star Trek and the arrival of his kids. It lasted 29 years. Emotional memories from the Nog actor. His kids are now 19 and 16.

First time he's talked about the kidney transplant with an audience. Lot of support from his wife and also launched a GoFundMe campaign and received amazing support for the operation.

Questions now - how about when Nog squared up to Martok? Jokes about Martok's depth perception and difficulty with the single eye makeup. Aron loved the scene with JG. Wanted to do more with Martok and also with Worf. Kinship with him? Never played on it.

Thought he was done when they sent Nog to Starfleet. Very blessed with the role and the material given.

Should never have done a character voice because of the teeth!

And the Rules of Acquisition? He'd have bent them to be used Aron suggests. Winning the battle as a profit and use them to his own needs in Starfleet.

Aron did voiceover work for Nog in Star Trek Online but doesn't know about how the character has been developed in the game. He's a captain by the way but Aron's not a follower.

Aron's going to be in Renegades 2 - no script yet but apparently Ryan Husk has just text him that it's been delayed. Has to stay true to the character for him.

Captain Nog for 2017 series? Would be great says Aron but he's not had any news or rumours. Maybe worth starting a few?! he suggests! Love to see how Nog advances and we got a little bit in The Visitor. Does miss him and would love to revisit.

Aron's asked about The Siege of AR558 and It's Only a Paper Moon. Was it difficult to add in the element of losing a leg? Doesn't remember it was difficult and saw it an opportunity to learn more about the character every couple of weeks. Shows different places he's going.

JG is playing cards at the edge of the stage while Aron's on form explaining the character development and why Star Trek is so loved - it's about that journey.

Great question about The Magnificent Ferengi which Aron doesn't have a lot of memories of. He has more recollections about the major Nog events but does remember sooooo many Ferengi in makeup during the making of the episode plus Iggy Pop!

Aron rounds off with a great story about the tongue-twisting self-sealing stembolts lines from Deep Space Nine which took 15 takes - but then Cirroc cracked up and lost it because he managed to get through the line (19 takes in the end)!

11.51am and a showing of Reptile Rangers starring Aron, Robert O'Reilly and JG. Cool little 10 min film in the memory of Steve Irwin filled with a lot of laughs.

11.58am and JG will be up for his talk very soon!

JG is answering questions on the hoof. He's not writing any more books but he has just recorded an audio book which is set in the distant future. With a quick lesson on iPhone, JG gives us an exert from the book on the mic.

He's played numerous characters aside from Martok but who is your favourite? He loved Nog "so pathetic"(!) 

Who's more evil - Dukat or Trump? Trump's not evil he's just a moron according to JG. He's a Bernie fan but he may not make it. He'd support Gowron for Chancellor of the American Empire.

John Carrigan takes to the stage. A friend of Gene Roddenberry, John has appeared in Of Gods and Men, Phase II and most recently in Renegades.

He actually attended the first Star Trek convention in the UK! Full interview with this guy coming soon!

A lifetime fan of the show he's explaining about a visit to the bridge set for The Wrath of Khan and the engine room (wooooow!!!). He tried to replicate Kirk's ladder slide but failed. Badly!

When he discovered Star Trek he also discovered martial arts. Two posters on his wall - Kirk and Bruce Lee!

Good friend of Walter Koenig and discovered he's a big joker during the making of Of Gods and Men

Only Klingon in Renegades believe it or not but didn't have to have the teeth!

Lunch is all done and we're kicking off with Claudia's Q&A. Starting off we have one about outtakes - there's one with Bruce Boxleitner in his first season of Babylon 5 which seems to be worth a rewatch!

As for props from the series - Claudia accidentally managed to acquire several of Ivanova's earrings which have since been released for charity!

Claudia auditioned for Seven of Nine but is happy to be remembered as Ivanova.

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