Thursday, 15 December 2016

Leading Light for Discovery?

Probably the biggest and most anticipated Star Trek casting news since a certain folically challenged Englishman was announced as Jean-Luc Picard appears to have broken.

Rumour seems to have it on pretty solid ground that The Walking Dead star Sonequa Martin-Green is set to take the lead role in 2017's Star Trek: Discovery

Martin-Green (31) is the first big (current) name to be linked with the return of the franchise to the small screen and one might go so far as to suggest that her character on The Walking Dead, Sasha Williams, is more than likely not going to be making it out of the seventh season which is in mid-season break now - alive. In fact her IMDB listing already has her period on the show listed as 2012-2017. Seems pretty final.

But what else is she known for? Her most high profile appearance pre-The Walking Dead was in Once Upon a Time as a character called Tamara in seven episodes plus a sprinkling of TV episodes and movies including a writer/producer credit for a 2014 short called On the Bridge

Martin-Green's inclusion definitely provides more depth to that multi-cultural crew and provides Discovery with a recognisable name in someone who is part of the biggest show on TV right now. It's a damn clever piece of casting too being that Sonequa is part of such a current high profile series and that may well be a factor the producers are banking on - her appeal on that zombie-filled show could influence her established fan-base to turn over and watch her take lead in something a little different. Question is will they stay with Discovery or turn off. 

Ok, let's also be fair that her part in the show hasn't been one of the "main" characters however she has been elevated up into the title credits since she popped onto the show in 2012. As an aside I'd suggest she avoids wearing red or it might feel that she's back on The Walking Dead all over again.

It's far too early to say if this is going to be any success since not a frame has been filmed nor can we really comment on how good any of the seven cast members revealed so far will be.

One last note in that David Mack now has the first and third acts of the pilot episode novelisation blocked out - apparently act two is proving a little challenging...Wouldn't want to read too much into this...

For all of our coverage and thoughts on Discovery follow this LINK for all the news so far!

What do you think to this latest casting? Is it a good move?

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