Thursday, 23 February 2017

Split Personality of Discovery

I have never read such utter spun rubbish as I did last week in regards to the Shenzhou and Discovery crew conundrum that seems to be puzzling fans and giving birth to some wild theories. 

As we've clearly noticed there have been a lot more announcements of the crew of the USS Shenzhou than there have been of the Discovery which has fans suggesting that in fact the two ships are one and the same. Could it be that the Shenzhou is destroyed and the remaining two crews come together on the Discovery? Is it that the Shenzhou is renamed late in the first episode to become the title ship after some serious working over and repairs? Could Shenzhou just be a red herring and actually all the people we know are cast are actually just on one ship in the first place but we are being led to believe otherwise purely to keep us guessing until the very end?  

All are very good possibilities but I'm just not buying that notion that the two ships are in fact one and the same. I have a feeling that the wire frame of the ship we saw in the teaser is the Shenzhou. It bears a lot of echoes to the design of the NX-01 in its primary hull and is massively different to the Discovery footprint from the hurriedly created teaser of last year. I just don't see how one would turn so dramatically into the other. Surely it would just be cheaper and more efficient to just build a new ship?! So this leads me to my theory that in fact it will remain a multi ship series. Maybe the Shenzhou is hunting down the Discovery and that's why we don't have a lot of crew details because we won't be seeing a lot of the ship except for the characters we know of. 

Maybe those characters - designated as belonging to the Discovery - are actually going to be on the Shenzhou helping to hunt her down? Here's another theory. Maybe Rainford is the most senior officer left on the ship which might explain her "caveats" so much vaunted in the build-up to casting announcements last year. We know she's not the captain of Discovery but what if she has to take those reins because there's no one else left? The Shenzhou is Discovery theory for me is too far fetched even for a series that brought us Threshold and Spock's Brain and I think it would lose some of its credibility. 

I still openly believe and admit that if the stories are right and the characters are good it won't matter what the ships look like, it won't matter how many ridges the Klingons have or don't have because we will be getting quality television that is well created and thought provoking and that is the key to Star Trek being successful. It needs to creatively push those boundaries every week for 13 weeks.   

If the cast is all cloak and dagger maybe we just haven't had all the characters revealed yet? In fact we still haven't had the official word on Sonequa Martin-Green being the lead lady, it's purely from a leak. However given the number of cast announcements it doesn't seem feasible to add any more names to the hat since this would be a ridiculously sized cast. However on the flip to that it is going to be a continuous story for the 13 episode season so it may in its very nature necessitate that larger number of main cast just to keep the story rolling and consistent. If rumour is true we might actually get to see it on screen "in the Fall" which is what actor Doug Jones has indicated in a new interview but let's hold off on getting too excited just yet.

So in conclusion let's wrap this one up pretty quickly - there are just some absolutely absurd concepts about this show going around and they can only be helping fuel the bizarre "hate" that seems to exist at the very core of the Star Trek fandom right now. At it's heart Star Trek isn't about the design of a starship nor is it about the shape of a Starfleet insignia, it's about the people, the personalities and how they deal with the challenges of life and the human condition. So there might be a few visual differences and changes but surely if they get the feel, the heart of Discovery right then all those can be easily forgiven...

What's the worst theory about Discovery you've heard to date?

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