Monday, 1 May 2017

Continues to Discovery

Season one of Discovery seems to be in full flow now and a further five guest stars have been announced.   

Perhaps the most familiar will be Rekha Sharma. Formerly one of the Final Five on Battlestar Galactica and more recently (like this month recently) guest star on Star Trek Continues new episode Still Treads the Shadow, Sharma has signed on as the title ship's security chief Commander Landry. Whether this is going to be a continuous role or one that will be recurring throughout the show is unspecified but surely such a major position on the starship would be main cast? However, this could again be an example of the show steering away from the standard senior staff-centric attitude of all its predecessors. 

Next up there's Kenneth Mitchell from CBS' Jericho playing Klingon Commander Kol. Immediate note - this ain't a new character annoucement but more on that shortly. But let's be absolutely realistic here, the amount of Klingons we've now had announced for the show HAS to confirm that the event discussed but never seen has to be related to the warrior race. I mean, come on, we haven't had a single word on a Romulan a Tholian or a Xindi(?!) and this in turn does make me reconsider just why CBS and Paramount poked Axanar with such a big and pointy stick just around the time that Discovery went into full production. Coincidence....naaaaaaaah. 

Third and portraying Dennas, a female leader of the Klingon Empire, is Clare McConnell. I'm once again shocked by the response to this announcement from some parts of fandom who are spitting feathers over the part. Seriously?! Did you forget Azetbur in The Undiscovered Country? Do we not remember the Duras sisters leading their house in The Next Generation? Short memories indeed especially for something that might be spinning the Klingons as a little more progressive than we saw in The Original Series. Given that attitudes have changed in 50 years its wiser to be taking your tips from Enterprise on that front. 

Fourth on the lineup is another Klingon leader and the small-minded will be pleased to know its a bloke. Damon Runyan whose credits include Suits and Supernatural will be Ujilli. That is a lot of Klingons and Klingon leaders we have on the roster that I'm interpreting means we are going to be spending a lot of time either with some sort of fleet or possibly on Qo'noS with the High Council.   

Finally - and the one which really has got people talking - is the recasting of Shazad Latif. Formerly the Klingon Kol (now played by Kenneth Mitchell) hes transferred over to the Discovery and stripped back the makeup to play Starfleet officer Lieutenant Tyler. 

Could this cause some re-shooting of the first couple of episodes to account for the change in actor and what has led to the change in roles at this late stage? I'd suspect Latif wasn't working out as the Klingon and has been found a more suitable position on the Federation starship. Just a little strange its taken this long for the switch to take place.   

And another thing to note. How long has it been since we've had any news of crew for the Shenzhou? A while and as the series is now into full flow might we take the guess that the second named Federation starship of the series isn't going to last more than the pilot? Has to be a realistic thought given the show must be filming episode five or even six by this time. Could it be that the suggestion that Shenzhou and Discovery are the same ship or that one is sacrificed be true?

I'm staying positive and stepping away from all the negativity. Discovery might not be filling me with the level of excitement I felt when Deep Space Nine or Voyager were announced but any form or vision of Star Trek is going to be better than nothing...isn't it?

What have you found out about Discovery? What news might have slipped us by? Drop a comment below and let's talk!

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