Monday, 17 July 2017

First Looks at Discovery Teases

In a week that is locked in major female character/actor reveals (how 'bout that Doctor Who news huh?!), CBS unveiled a first look at a new look Klingon with Battle Commander L'Rell played by Mary Chieffo.

If you thought that the male Klingons looked brutal you're in for a shock because this newest shot of Chieffo alongside Klingon leader T'Kumva (Chris Obi) shows that the female of the species is possibly deadlier than the male. Strong female characters in sci-fi? Look no further than Discovery!!!

I'd say that Chieffo's look has more subtlety and femininity but I'd be lying - it bears all the severe lines of Obi's armour but with styling into some form of dress at the bottom. Colour-wise it is much more neutral yet still echoes the warrior origins of the legendary Star Trek race and I'm convinced there's something very Elizabethan about the style of the clothing - very regal with an element of flamboyance thrown in there. Will it be as practical as the grey armour we're familiar with or are these more ceremonial get-ups perhaps? Spikey.

As for makeup there isn't a great distinction from this angle between the genders nor can I really see if there is any differentiation in the forehead ridges that individualised the Klingons of The Motion Picture and afterwards. Look also to the cathedral style of the Klingon ship on which the pair are framed. Very different to the grim, sparce surroundings of a Bird of Prey!

There was also a new and very generic shot of Burnham and Georgiou out at the same time with some info about how Sonequa Martin-Green's character has been mentored by Michelle Yeoh ahead of getting her first command. Now, given the emphasis on this factor I might push that something happens in the pilot which will delay this from happening - indeed this suitability for a command is stated in the teaser trailer if you recall.  This would then allow for Burnham to end up on the Discovery and naturally the character conflict between herself and Jason Isaacs' Captain Lorca. Was Discovery meant for Burnham? Doesn't this shot look like two pics mashed together into one since those lighting angles look totally off?!

Good to know, according to Alex Kurtzman - a man who cast canon aside for the JJ Abrams movies - that they have been keeping a close eye on canon to ensure that Discovery stays true to the franchise. There has to be some kind of irony in there, I'm certain. 

We are now just TEN weeks away from Discovery. Yes, it's nearly here and with San Diego Comic-Con round the corner, we can expect a slew of info and pics to be coming for the show - there's even a Discovery panel which should help shed the light on a lot of stuff. Just before that though, here are two brand spanking new posters...

While the first of the two shows just a line figure (probably Burnham) spacesuited up, the second has a new reveal of the USS Discovery. Flashback to the original reveal a YEAR ago next week and there's a massive update here. For one, the saucer clearly now has two rings with a distinctive gap between the two not unlike the USS Vengeance from Into Darkness

The shape of the Discovery overall seems to have been shaved down and streamlined to another level. Also the warp engines look like they are exactly parallel to the secondary hull plus they seem to have been substantially elongated beyond the rear of the hull. Very big changes here but they still retain the overall impression of the Planet of the Titans design originally dreamt up in the late 1970's.

Did I also fail to mention a couple of new videos to tease the show? No! One shows the new brushed metal Starfleet delta emblem in close up (see top pic) while a second gives us a quick ten second spin around the brand new communicator which includes a rather cool little display instead of a grille speaker (below) but the golden flip lid is still there as is the basic shape of the instantly recognisable classic Star Trek device. Check these out via the official @startrekcbs Twitter feed.

So that's it with the prospect of so much more this week at Comic-Con...we're in for some big stuff I think!

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