Sunday, 28 January 2018

Official Starships Collection Issues 122 to 130 Preview

A new batch of starships has been announced with a proper mix of Federation and alien as well as ships from each series.

As always, here’s the SKoST guide to what’s ahead.

Yeager Class

The kitbash to end all kitbashes, the motherland, the fabled bastard child of the Intrepid Class and a Maquis Raider. It had to come at some point as it’s on screen but bizarrely the preview looks like it’s got more detail than the two craft it’s salvaged from combined! Weird as hell paint scheme and definitely, without question one for the completist.
Anticipation Factor: 2/5

Romulan Science Vessel

Turning up in The Next Phase, this slight redress of the Romulan Scout Ship it’s been more than overdue. The disappointing thing is that it’s just another modded ship we’ve already had. Great to have every Romulan ship but not much new on this one. Biggest difference? They changed the bridge module. Boom. 
Anticipation Factor: 2.5/5

SS Emmette

One of the first ships we saw in Enterprise...and again...and again...and again every week because it’s part of the titles. We only ever saw the underneath and the back so this one will five fans a much better opportunity to see the whole thing - and even from the front. One of the better announcements from this batch and that's saying something.
Anticipation Factor: 3/5


The Alice is another one we have been expecting for a while. Personally I’m not overly excited by the news we are getting this one man shuttle but it did feature prominently in the episode and was reworked into other ships later in the franchise. 
Anticipation Factor: 2.5/5

Niagara Class USS Princeton

Wolf 359 still has ships for the collection and this piece of space debris is the next one. Admittedly these 359ers have decreased in quality from the days of the New Orleans Class but they still act as a great way into the series as well as being refreshed and repaired visually for the collection. This one is a mash-up of  Ambassador and Galaxy which adds at least some variation to the mix we've received.
Anticipation Factor: 3.5/5

Eymorg Starship

Hear that? It might be the bottom of the barrel splintering as we have the remastered version of the ship from Spock’s Brain added to the upcoming releases. Looking nothing like the original it still has to be one of the less inspiring entries. Maybe the first ship I’m really not fussed about in any way. 
Anticipation Factor: 0/5


Another from the Enterprise title sequence, the OV-165 looks to be some kind of passenger transport from the early days of space flight. At least we have a better idea of what this one looks like from the front. Neat idea to include the ships from the titles which begs the question - will we get an Orbiter Enterprise?
Anticipation Factor: 3.5/5

Tholian Ship 23rd Century 

Damn, it’s the remastered version and as a huge fan of The Tholian Web I’ve been holding out for the original version of the ship. Tragically it looks like I’ll be making do with the pimped our version from a decade back rather than the iconic flat panels of the 1968 design. Between this and the 22nd Century version we already have I can’t see a lot of difference.
Anticipation Factor: 2.5/5

Borg Probe

Ok.... this wasn’t one I’d have dropped on any list and frankly I’d forgotten it even existed. The Borg Probe popped up in Dark Frontier only to be summarily obliterated by Voyager. Looking at the shape I’m concerned right away that this is going to be another plastic lump like the Holoship from Insurrection
Anticipation Factor: 2/5

Let’s be honest here, this selection is not the inspiring list of additions we might have wanted. There are some screaming omissions now for various reasons such as the Son’a ships from Insurrection, the Jen’Hadar Battleship from Valiant or the Fesarius from The Corbomite Manouever. Four of these eight are reworkings of ships we already have which is a disappointment in itself. The Enterprise title sequence ships could be good but they’re not a ‘proper’ part of the series and were never physically in any of the episodes. Of all the new announcements The Niagara Class adds more depth to the collection but shockingly it means that the Borg Probe is the only ship on this list that’s a brand new design actually used within a story.  

Are we running out of steam on the Collection? I hope not yet with a rather sub-par batch it’s hard not to feel underwhelmed. 

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