Friday, 1 June 2018

Four Newbies for Starships Collection

The Starships Collection is going to 160 Issues!

To link in with the extension news (kind of expected what with the news that there a ruck of bonus issues on the horizon) we also got to see a taster of what’s to come with four announcements.

Issues 131 to 134 offer something from Enterprise and Voyager alternately and first up is the Arctic One transport from Regeneration...

Arctic One

It’s already made an appearance in the collection in its assimilated state which included one of the most mind-bogglingly fiddly stands ever. Trading in the Borg technology and the matt black paintwork for a minty green finish and smoother lines, it’s a good choice to add in alongside the darker version but I definitely don;t recall the colour being quite so sharp.
Anticipation Factor: 3/5

Warship Voyager

One of my favourite, favourite FAVOURITE episodes of the franchise whole was Living Witness. A great concept which also introduced us to the altered Voyager as perceived by the xxxxxx. Lots of modifications on this one so expect the basic Voyager model from issue six to be the template here with glued on extras. Note also the altered stand position to the rear of the saucer in line with the XL version.
Anticipation Factor: 4.5/5

Irina’s Racing Ship

Huh? It’s a whaaaat? 
A new ship from Drive which means you can now play out the episode utilising this craft and the Delta Flyer!  A very different design with a striking colour scheme I think this will be missing the heavy weathering and instead look like it’s come out of the showroom and loose the feel of the ship. Different, quirky...and destined for a corner of a forgotten shelf.
Anticipation Factor: 2/5

Vulcan Survey Ship

Still waiting for the T’Plana’Hath from First Contact but here’s the one that stranded T’Pol’s gran on Earth at Carbon Creek. Sporting those familiar Vulcan curves and brown paint, it’s the first from the green-blooded aliens since the Vahklas in issue 88. Compact and stylish, the Survey Ship will be a popular - and probably well detailed model coming from the CG files of Enterprise. I'm warming to the shape and style of this one...slowly.
Anticipation Factor: 3/5

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There's another 25 issues still left but it now looks certain that the Scimitar will not be among them. We still have to wait for news of not just the T'Plana'Hath but the Fesarius, the Sona ships, the Merchantman and probably a few more - could it go beyond 160? Yes, but what are we going to be getting by that stage? Also, are we getting to the point where there are slim pickings from some arms of the franchise?

What else is still missing from the collection at this point? What do we need to see?

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