Thursday, 10 January 2019

Six New Arrivals to 150

A new batch of starships have been unveiled this week which will take the collection up to another landmark number - but what's the verdict on the six we've got coming...


Oddly enough from the episode of the same name this rust bucket of a starship reminds me of something. Hang on.... two secs... yes - it’s a recolouring of the Federation Fighter! The first of three ships of the six that would be either reworked or a reworking of something, this one isn’t on on any list I’d ever considered. Not a fan of this one for sure but will be interesting to see the alterations for comparison. 
Anticipation Factor: 1/5 


A ship of legend and one that we’ve been promised for over five years. The first ever alien ship in Star Trek and definitely one of the simpler!  Fesarius is a true classic from the ages and thoroughly deserves to be in the collection. Essential, long awaited and can’t wait to see this one for real.
Anticipation Factor: 5/5

Baran's Raider

(Top) Another favourite indulgence story for me has to be The Next Generation’s seventh season two parter, Gambit. The ship has turned up in many different guises but this was perhaps the one that was on screen the most. AKA the Miradorn Raider from Deep Space Nine, it’s a striking design with some good meaty Star Trek background. Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh soon!
Anticipation Factor: 4/5 

Dominion Battleship

Appearing initially in Valiant, the Battleship is best know for pummelling the Defiant class ship into another quadrant as well as being the largest of the Dominion fleet. It's been conspicuous by its absence from the collection so good that this will finally be joining the ranks. Very excited about this one as its only appeared in Attack Wing to date and that's not a big replica.
Anticipation Factor: 4/5

Krenim Warship 

From Before and After and subsequently from the fourth season’s Year of Hell two-parter. Armed with chroniton torpedoes the Krenim ships were a serious threat to Voyager and this is only the second vessel from that race to appear after the distinctive Timeship. Definitely a good one for completism and even more so because it was featured in the magazine for the Timeship all that time ago. Another entry that feels as though the collection is trying to tick off as many outstanding obvious entries as possible.
Anticipation Level: 3/5

USS Antares NCC-9844

Another Miranda Class variant? Really? Five of the damn things? This one managed the least screentime only appearing briefly in the background as a grainy addition to fill some space but we’re still getting it as the 150th issue...isn’t there something more suitable than this for the landmark issue following on from the 50th’s NCC-1701 and issue 100’s USS Horizon Daedalus Class. A rare Starfleet entry that hasn’t been done but you have to ask if this one was necessary. Of course this is the second Antares of the series after the earlier version from The Original Series.
Anticipation Level: 1/5

What do you think to the latest batch of ships to drop onto the Starships Collection? Any that you’re really looking forward to and any that are going to be avoided? Let us know below!

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