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25 years ago Jean-Luc Picard fought to save humanity one more time.

Rather unexpectedly 25 years to the day after All Good Things... bade farewell to The Next Generation on TV - 23rd May 1994 - CBS dropped the first minute long teaser trailer for the next chapter in Jean-Luc’s story. 

"15 years ago today you led us out of the darkness. You commanded the greatest rescue armada in history. Then; the unimaginable. 
What did that cost you? Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself?  
Tell us, why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?"

As a trailer it's more about the monologue quoted above than the visuals. Nice to have it all tie into the vineyards of the Picard estate that we've seen before in Family and, of course, in All Good Things... but this Jean-Luc didn't become an ambassador, didn't grow that wispy white beard and certainly doesn't look like he'll be donning a straw hat anytime soon.

Loving the hovering crop dusters at the vineyard and of course the sweeping shot of a case of Chateau Picard to confirm that we're talking about a certain former Enterprise captain. 

This is 100% scene setting and leads us to believe that following some major incident Picard just walked away. Now, if we go by the hints given early in the development of the show that event has to be the destruction of Romulus but what caused him to step back from the final frontier?

So All Good Things... took place in 2370 with the destruction of Romulus logged as 2387 that would put Picard starting in 2402 (15 years later). That's if Romulus is the jump point for the series and why would it not be? We have to assume that whatever event that shaped his life took place after Nemesis and that's 2379 which means the earliest Picard could be set is 2394 at a push. Yet, when the series was announced we were told that it would be 20 years after we last saw Picard in action so shouldn't it be 2399?

I think Picard is more likely to take us into the early 25th Century which will also surpass the "future" date of 2395 set in All Good Things...  and fit perfectly with the dates established. It could be that the "20 years" comment was just there to indicate how far in the future we would truly be going for this next chapter.

The questions asked by someone who sounds not unlike Sonequa Martin-Green show how drastically Jean-Luc's life has changed from the man we knew on the Enterprise - how much of the captain remains? What effect is the memory of Locutus still having on him? What faith is being referenced?

At the end we have just a single shot of Sir Patrick Stewart back in the role and in civilian clothing. Now one suspects that this isn't actually what he's wearing for the show and just done for the tease but it does cement the point that JLP is back!

Also check out the teaser posters which have taken a bit of a lead from the Discovery posters with the vineyard now replacing the rocky planet surface to form the shape of the Starfleet Delta - you can see this in the pic in the sidebar to the right now.

OK, I'm stopping myself there. Over the next few weeks I'll probably drop back in to the Picard fold to work out any new suggestions and ideas. One that did play through my mind today was how similar that ensign uniform in the bookmark clip seemed to be with the discarded, collared uniforms that should have appeared in Generations. Maybe these aren't as formal but a glance at the Playmates range which was released with that design did have me thinking it over.

Picard is set to debut on Amazon Prime later in 2019. US and Canada can view the show on CBS All Access and you can trial a week by clicking the link in the sidebar now.

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