Monday, 13 January 2020

The Core: The Sign of Four?

Damn rumour mill.

I don't want to credit one of those torrid Facebook pages or YouTube channels that pumps out rubbish but could there be any truth in the rumour that Kruge is being considered as the antagonist for Star Trek 4? Add into that the speculation that Hawley might even take the fourth movie into new directions with a totally new crew.

Director in waiting Noah Hawley is RUMOURED to be thinking about these as possibilities but that will mean for the third out of the four reboot movies the production will rely on retelling stories of characters from the Prime Timeline - Spock and the Romulans then Khan for Into Darkness if he goes with Kruge. In terms of the characters, the suggestion might actually be more based around the difficulty in securing Pine and Hemsworth as billed when the next movie was greenlit before Beyond had even appeared in cinemas. 

Personal opinion - Beyond worked because it did its own thing, referencing the back catalogue and still coming up with something new for the franchise to explore - although tragically it wasn't the massive success fans and the studio desired. I'd add a bucket of salt to that Kruge rumour but the one about the new cast...? Well, it's perhaps more reasonable and might even be a new piece of the Universe that is being forged with Kurtzman and co, bringing the cinematic Star Trek into the bigger picture.

Now if Paramount decide to use the rebooted JJ Abrahms universe to revamp some of its more classic foes then surely there are more opportune characters in the wings? Let's explore a few possibilities...

Kor, Koloth, Kang

I mean is there a more iconic Klingon trio? (Is there another Klingon trio?!). The classic Klingons from The Original Series and latterly Deep Space Nine would be a perfect foil for the Enterprise crew plus it would provide a second and potentially more fulfilling chance to get the Klingons "right" that was missed in their messy Into Darkness appearance.

The Planet Killer

What about this one? A near unstoppable force, a crazed starship captain, the very existence of the Federation at stake? Could the Doomsday Machine be responsible for obliterating a few more notable worlds in the Alpha Quadrant and really change the layout of the Kelvin Timeline? I can certainly imagine that the graphics would be a big step forward and provide an impressive spectacle on the big screen.

The Gorn

Already mentioned in Into Darkness and featured in the video game that launched around the same time as the movie, their sole appearance in The Original Series is as iconic as the filming location the encounter took place at. No more rubber suits but this would guarantee a lot of action and could spin out well from Arena into its own creation. 

I'm just not sure how much faith I put into these kind of rumours because we're not even close to seeing a camera roll or a casting announcement. Thing is that in Star Trek we know anything can happen - after all, a TV series became The Motion Picture and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg here...

Lest we also forget that it's just two weeks until the arrival of Picard and we're already been successfully teased with a morsel of background information through the exceptional Short, Children of Mars.  While there's been all sorts of grumbles about the reuse of starship designs from Discovery I was personally a lot more invested in the narrative and that bit right at the end. 

Anyway, we know that season two of Picard is on the way with a new exec producer in the form of Terry Matalas who is replacing season one's Michael Chabon. Matalas has been show runner on both the TV 12 Monkeys series and more recently MacGyver.

Picard, as Patrick Stewart has indicated, will NOT be The Next Generation and it seems that there is a distinct visual identity being forged with the current slew of Star Trek series. Section 31 is now deep into production and Alex Kurtzman has now confirmed there are a further TWO live action series to come which are in the process of formation now. 

These will sit alongside not just Discovery, Picard and Section 31 but also the Lower Decks animated series and the Nickleodeon cartoon. Might one of these two be the in-demand Pike series? Could the second be the fruition of Nicholas Meyer's project to bring Ceti Alpha V to screens as a miniseries focusing on the exile of Khan Noonien Singh?

The first is one fans have been clamouring for since Anson Mount stepped into the role for Discovery's second season and the latter has been floating around for about four years and was the reason Meyer (apparently) detached himself from Discovery early on.

Fever pitch - we are reaching a real pinnacle of Star Trek but the proof will be in whether or not we can survive what will be a 52 week a year onslaught of content with some form of the franchise being on TV and in production. Does this foreshadow a loss of quality? A time when the amount of content will outweigh the quality of the shows we are receiving? 

Franchise fatigue set in with Enterprise back in the early 2000's and while that was a culmination of continuous Star Trek since 1987 it was spread across 15 years, four series and six movies in that frame. Now we're getting all that again but within five years... will Star Trek from the Kurtzman era have a short shelf life?

What do you think about Star Trek's longevity in its current forms?

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