Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Just Some Updates...

And in other news...

A few bits have crossed the desk at Some Kind of Star Trek this week worth at least making a note of on our PADDs.

First up, our friends over at Jacobs Brown Media have informed us that These are the Voyages is now being offered in a limited run of signed copies. This hard-cover first edition is autographed by both Marc Cushman and Sue Osbourne and is certainly going to warp out of probably before this note hits the internet.

If you want to see if you can grab one, head over to the site now to bag yourself a reduced price, signed bargain! I won't bore everyone again but yes, it's a bit good.

Second up it's our other friends at Eaglemoss who slipped a couple of additions onto the issues line and we've only just noticed - maybe we're just a bit slower than usual on the uptake but hey, we can't be everywhere (just yet).

From top to bottom, left to right we have the Valdore from Nemesis, the Deep Space Nine Runabout, the Hideki Cardassian fighter, the Surok Class Vulcan ship from Enterprise and the Klingon Bird of Prey also from Enterprise.  For me, I'll be waiting for the Runabout being a fan of that show in particular.

Third up we can show the box art for the new Select action figure - Captain Jean-Luc Picard. We featured this one a while back but our contacts at Diamond Select Toys have now provided some extra shots of Picard and a bit of extra info on the figure:
"Dynamically sculpted by Patrick Pigott, Art Asylum’s lead Star Trek figure sculptor since 2003, Picard’s default stance is firing a phaser at an unseen foe, but seven points of articulation in his upper body allow him a wide range of expressive poses. Also, his hands and legs are interchangeable with other figures in the Select line, which means you’ll be able to give him Mr. Spock’s classic Tricorder and Phaser. He stands atop a base representing the interior of a Borg cube, and the torso and arm of an exploded Borg rests at his feet. The parts are also removable from the base, so you can take them back to the Enterprise for study when the figure hits stores in late December."

When all that's out of the way and you want to settle down for an hour of your favourite episode, why not chill that prune juice with some ice made in your The Next Generation silicon tray? Just saying....

And Finally...

It looks like due to my ineptitude to check my schedule we'll be pushing back the relaunch date by a week or so. Nothing major but we want to ensure that everything is ready, set and perfect to take us through into 2014. We will update you as soon as we confirm a more definite day!

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