Tuesday, 19 November 2013

These Are the Voyages...To the UK!

Here at Some Kind of Star Trek you know we love a good reference book and in particular that one from Marc Cushman that was released a few months ago...what was it called again...?

Our friends over at Jacobs Brown Press have told us that the superlative These are the Voyages, The Original Series, Season One, by Marc Cushman, is now available in the UK and other parts of Europe via Amazon. Fans of Star Trek: The Original Series in the UK can purchase the book at www.amazon.co.uk; in France at www.amazon.fr; and in Germany at www.amazon.de.

The extra bonus is that this edition not only sports a rather nice new cover (left) but also has some updated material thanks to, among others, some guy called Leonard Nimoy. Yep; straight up.

Add to that (it gets better!) the great news that These are the Voyages, The Original Series, Season Two, documenting the production of Star Trek’s second season, is scheduled for an early 2014 release and this can only be a good day all round. Seriously, we can't wait to get our hands on the second book after the phenomenal read that was Book One. Truly one of the best reference books if not the only reference book you will ever need for The Original Series.

If you have any sense and any cash I would recommend hitting the UK link on the Amazon tab here and getting that book on order now. Need some further reasons? Here's an entire article full of them so there's absolutely no excuse...and did we mention this review is quoted on the book's website? Not that we're name dropping or anything (but they are also really nice people to deal with).

As an extra little treat and incentive to buy the book, we've dropped in one or two images here just to tempt you....

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