Monday, 17 February 2014

Fiercely Independent: The Green Girl

The Cage; the pilot, the beginning and the episode that introduced us to the Orions.

But not just any old Orion. Star Trek Continues recently brought us Lolani and the return of the slave girls however The Cage gave us Vina. The original, the one that all who play and have played green girls look back to.

Today, February 13th would have been Susan Oliver's 82nd birthday and in celebration to her life and her imprint on the Star Trek universe we talked to someone who has made her story his mission and purpose in the last few years; George Pappy.

So, in a first for Some Kind of Star Trek here is our audio interview with the man behind the phenomenon that is The Green Girl as interviewed by +Clive Burrell 

Part 1: The History...

...Part 2: Currently...

Part 3: Moving forward, plus the Six from SKoST quiz...

When we interviewed George there was one other thing we did - made him the first person to attempt Six from SKoST - placing our interviewee against the knowledge base of one of the team. Here's the questions and the results as +Joe Hardacre took on the Orion Expert...

Which I think makes George Pappy our first Six from SKoST winner with five out of six and he also guessed the tie breaker of Chase Masterson who played a green girl in Of Gods and Men! (Prize under construction!)

Thanks also to +Mark Thwaite for some tireless editing and preparation to bring the interview to the site.

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