Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Glimpses

If you scout around it's always amazing what little gems you can find.

We've managed to dig up two shots of the ships from Issues 19 and 20 of the Eaglemoss Starships Collection. Ok, let's just note that these are probably provisional so don't get too excited.

The Stargazer looks pretty accurate but I'm sure +Mark Thwaite and +Hayley Atherton will be cursing if it's as flimsy as the refit Enterprise and the Excelsior models. Likely that the saucer will be metal with the four nacelles in plastic. Is that a plastic to metal seam around the edge of the saucer?! Hope not. Best be metal to metal!!! Don't let us down, Eaglemoss!

On the flip side the two Klingon vessels so far released have been very good quality. OK, I found the wingtip cannons on the Bird-of-Prey a tad bendy but that's good should it ever slip from the stand and head planet-side. I expect the Vor'Cha to be just as durable although it looks a bit darker than I expected or remembered. In fact, the model my dad made was more than a couple of shades lighter and was (allegedly) correct to the show. I've included a shot for comparison here.

Not only that but, in comparison to the Stargazer it does seem, well, seamless so that's got to be in it's favour. I'll look forward to seeing if the writers make any note of the detachable front section in the magazine.

In addition to that we've also seen a recent promo shot/leaflet for the upcoming JJ Abrams USS Enterprise special (£20.99?!) and we've included that below for you.

It's a big ship but from the picture I'm already wondering about the accuracy of the decals and colouring especially around the warp engines. Again this is just from experience of building the Revell model last year. It's clear to see there is a visible seam around the engine struts which is probably where plastic meets metal. We await with trepidation on this one!

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