Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kickstarting Axanar (or at least the Prelude to...)

Holy c**p we hit our target for the day in the first 45 minutes! 

Such was the announcement from the Axanar stable on Day One of their Kickstarter campaign to raise $15000 to produce the Prelude to Axanar documentary. 

Even better news is that by the middle of day two the top end target of $15000 had been hit and by Day Three it was utterly obliterated meaning that this initial production can take even more steps than expected. At the very least we're going to get the Prelude and the fundraising still has another 26 days to go as we publish. Indeed, as of this moment there's over $28,000 dollars waiting to be used on the project.

While I might not have a lot of spare cash to donate to the project it looks to be well worth it if you do especially in regards to the perks. The best thing to do is get over to the Kickstarter site and see for yourself but there's everything from exclusive forum access to posters, Prelude scripts, soundtracks, patches and limited edition t-shirts to entice you aboard for the adventure.

What really makes this project stand out even more is the smooth and seamless promotional video featuring Alec Peters, the man behind Axanar  and Richard Hatch who will be playing the key role of the Klingon supreme commander Kharn.

Now there's a lot promised just in these four and a bit minutes and delivery will now be everything for this dedicated group.

In response to the amazing generosity of the fan community, Alec Peters who is producing and also playing Garth himself, commented exclusively to Some Kind of Star Trek
"We were totally blown away by the response. We hit our Day One goal of $ 2,000 in 45 minutes and hit our base goal of $ 10,000 in 7 hours. By the end of Day One we had hit our first stretch goal as well.
We are humbled and grateful to all our donors are now deep in pre-production on Prelude to Axanar."

I'd thoroughly recommend watching the four minute burst to give you some idea of what Prelude will include. Not only do we get to hear the thoughts of director Christian Gossett, but also from a couple of the production team (Mark Edward Lewis and Ryan Husk), who are clearly excited with the prospect ahead. As noted, this should be the benchmark for fan made productions in the future if the team pull it off. 

For note, watch out for the uniforms dotted in the background and try not to lick your PC monitor when you see some of Tobias Richter's CGI battle scenes. His work never ceases to amaze and these snippets just make us want to see even more from Klingon battlecruisers through to the Ares and the Enterprise in drydock, it's all mouth-wateringly good. Did we happen to mention that there's also a makeup test of Richard Hatch in there too which proves beyond doubt that every aspect is being meticulously considered and it won't look like the corridors are made out of kitchen foil.

But what the heck is a Prelude to Axanar? This is the story of the story of the battle that forged the Federation if you will. In the style of a documentary well get to hear from those who participated including Garth, Kharn and latest cast addition Michael (Battlestar Galactica) Hogan as Robert April. It's their reflections on the event in the style of something you might be more familiar with seeing on the History Channel for example.

It's a different and totally unique way of introducing the bigger project and no doubt will help to show what the team are capable of producing. Also we're looking forward to seeing exactly how many boundaries of Star Trek fan film-making are going to be pushed/smashed to make Axanar a reality and more than likely a stunning success.

To view the Kickstarter project visit the site here and to learn more about Axanar click HERE.

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All images courtesy of Star Trek: Axanar

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