Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Round Up: The Blagger's Top Six

Month end has come round once again and here, to save you the effort of trawling the internet are the pick of the stories everyone in Trekdom is talking about.

April Fools
Obvious was the word of the day. While the flying Enterprise disc looked a lot of fun there was no way it was ever going to get off the ground. The real winner of April 1st 2014 was the Rosetta Stone Klingon edition. We all knew it was a joke from the second Michael Dorn began speaking but you know what, it was superbly presented and there would probably be a decent enough market out there to shift a few copies. Very professionally presented and if you weren't a fan you might just have been fooled by this one. I understand also promoted a wonderful season one Wesley Crusher jumper for the day - erm...think you might want to reconsider that being an April Fool...

Mulgrew Didn't Know

All lies, lies, lies I tell you!

And as we marked Kate Mulgrew's birthday on the 29th April (belated best wishes) it seems only fitting to mention this gem of a story once again. Probably not for the last time either.

At first it all kicked off when it seemed that Kate Mulgrew had narrated a documentary saying that the Sun revolved around the Earth but within a matter of days it turned out that she's been duped along with other renowned scientists and her beliefs were a lot nearer to the reality of the matter than we were initially led to believe. Entitled The Principle we were all pretty shocked at the former starship captain's opinion but it does seem that it was a paycheck opportunity that backfired when she realised, later, exactly what it was and how it might have made her appear. Perhaps it does show you don't have to believe to make it seem believeable!

Shat's Honoured

And from one captain to another as William Shatner got himself the top civilian honour from NASA for providing his time to help educate students about science, maths and also space exploration. He has assisted NASA, even recreating his famous Star Trek intro narration as the final wakeup call for the final shuttle mission. The Distinguished Public Service Medal was presented to the USS Enterprise captain at his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Read more on the story HERE.

Enterprise on the Move

Having been relegated to the Smithsonian Gift Shop for god knows how many years the original studio model of the USS Enterprise model is being moved out into a more prominent display position. From the summer of 2016 (ok - this is certainly giving us advance warning) the starship will be heading over to the Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall which is receiving a $30 million renovation project. To quote from;

"Where once "milestone" meant "the first" in space travel or flight, it will now embrace "an artifact having significant or widespread cultural, historic, scientific or technological impact."
...which is why it can get away with being alongside the Wright Flyer, Friendship 7 and the Spirit of St Louis. Pretty cool that it'll be there for the 50th anniversary and another reason I really need to get over to the USA at some point.

Voyager meets another Rift

More regularly than a transport accident in The Original Series, Voyager invariably encountered some kind of temporal anomaly, rift, swirly thing that gave them something to do for 42 minutes plus advert breaks. Now the stunning Oculus Rift (which is now owned by some small business called Facebook) has turned its focus to the bridge of the Intrepid-Class starship for a 3D immerse interactive experience. At the moment it's just the bridge that's undergone the Oculus Rift treatment but there is the hope we might get a whole vessel at some point. Here's the link so you can see the work for yourselves!

On the Horizon

Another Star Trek spinoff came out of the woodwork this month and with a good selling point. The majority of the fan-made productions are based in The Original Series era but Horizon is taking us further back with a beautiful trailer to the time (just after) Enterprise. As the show that drew the lowest audiences this is certainly a risky move however in a time where any new, live action Star Trek is produced I suspect fans of all shows will flock to see the results of their work. However, this kind of excites me more because of that fact. You can discover more about the project by taking a look here. Even more interesting is the fact that most of the work appears to have been done. Yes, it is green-screen to some degree but there's a great sense of professionalism here and a love for this, perhaps, misunderstood material. One to watch for I guarantee.

And Also...

Just to keep you in the loop we also had...

Star Trek: Timelines announced and previewed - looks like it could rival Online with its promise to let you create your own crew from any characters from any series. On the gaming front we also discovered that Infinity Wars will be launching their new online The Next Generation trading card game from May 1st 2014 - we'll be previewing it VERY shortly and you can find out more by clicking HERE

It was also board games that got some extras this month with WhizKids announcing a Voyager expansion set including the eponymous starship and one of them there Borg Spheres to even the odds. I've still to get my hands on even the starter set but the more we see, the more we like it. You can gather more about the new editions with a preview HERE and more about the features HERE. If you wanted to talk toys even further, why not take a look at the rather sexy Star Trek III phaser which was announced by Diamond Select Toys this month as well as their Captain Kirk bust money box (I'll take the phaser over that anyday).

Then there was Whoopi Goldberg hinting that she'd love to drop by the JJ-verse as Guinan (pay checks dried up a bit perhaps? Could be possible - just as they've managed to do in graphic form with the crossover story The Q Gambit. No prizes for guessing who's in that. It's not the Borg if you need a clue.

That's it for April - what will May bring us? Have we missed out an important news story from the month? If we have, let us know below!

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