Thursday, 8 October 2015

30 Days of Trek - Day Eight

Some are utterly crackers, some easily forgettable and there are ones which stick in your mind even today and still resonate.

But which ones are they?  Each of the pilot teasers are very memorable especially Picard's entrance from the shadows and finally seeing the Battle of Wolf 359 in Emissary and then there's some funny oddballs like Ode to Spot from Schisms or maybe even Sisko's promotion in The Adversary. What about the opening of Enterprise's In a Mirror Darkly taking a spin on first contact with the Vulcans that took us straight into an alternative universe? 

My pick for today is the shortest teaser ever made and comes from Voyager's third season finale,  Scorpion. While I'm not a fan of the direction in which Voyager took the Borg,  seeing three cubes obliterated in a matter of seconds was unthinkable but it heralded the arrival of the first true CGI aliens in the form of Species 8472. Blowing up Borg cubes was certainly a statement and one which resonated through the show whether a good thing or not is still one of those hot Star Trek debates. 

Just for sport,  my second choice would be from Deep Space Nine's Trials and Tribbleations purely for that shot of the original Enterprise on the Defiant view-screen and the fact it sent every single viewer into 30th anniversary overload. Great opener, great point to leave us hanging.

So what's your favourite "cold-opening" scene? What raises a smile or still sends that chill down your spine?

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