Sunday, 25 October 2015

30 Days of Trek - Day Twenty-Five

Back to the tech for Day Twenty-Five but with a real world consideration.

We've touched on most impressive tech on Day Nine but what about when Star Trek created something as part of the universe that (in some way) became a reality four hundred-ish years before the writers thought it would?

While transporters may seem like a fair way off/nigh on impossibility, the potential to fly faster than light may not be however there are some more practical examples that we may take for granted today.

I'd go for the mobile phone, or more specifically the flip phone if we go back a few years. The Next Generation and its spin-offs chose to go with the combadge design but the 1960's brought us the flip communicator 30 years before it made its way onto the mass market. Heck, in the '60's the idea of being able to talk to whoever you wanted virtually wherever you wanted on such a small piece of equipment was an amazing thing. Even in the '80s and '90s I can remember the mobile phone being something not much smaller than a suitcase...

The thing is that the modern cellphone now does far more than the communicator ever did in Star Trek perhaps with the exception of being able to talk to spaceships parked in orbit. Equally bizarre is the notion that you can now buy a replica of the Star Trek communicator which doubles as a phone via the wonders of bluetooth.

The flip-phone certainly made an impression and although phones have trended towards touchscreen and also gone from big to small to big again, it's always blown me away that such a cool, pocket-sized communication device from the "future" would only be a realistic few decades away from being created and usable. Maybe one further note is the recent movement into the watch-style wearable tech that both Apple and Samsung have ventured into - again we saw those back in The Motion Picture - maybe one day these global companies will think of something new...

Question twenty-six will be with you tomorrow!

AND - we'll be having a special BONUS round on October 31st with a twist - I'm inviting you, my readers, to pose your own challenge in the comments section of the day's question blog. If you ask, I'll try and answer it! If you've been following this month's series then I'd invite you to have a stab at what each other posts.

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