Tuesday, 20 October 2015

30 Days of Trek - Day Twenty

A rather fitting question considering that I'm currently writing up the review of the Star Trek Costumes book!

Over 50 years many different designers from William Ware Theiss through to Bob Blackman have dipped their talents into the Star Trek universe to bring some incredible visions to life. Every generation has brought us - literally - out of this world designs now more than often seen in the aisles and stands at your nearest convention thanks to the explosion of cosplay. Sometimes I wonder if I should get out that Spock costume and rock on down to Tesco for an hour or so. There have been hippies, exposed Riker nipples, cross-dressed Ferengi, skants, bell-bottoms, furs, armour and Romulan shoulderpads galore over the years; some good some bad, some eternally burned in your mind.

It's also a difficult category to pin a favourite on. We covered the shockingly bad last week as well as the horribly uncomfortable and those which may have gone against the very fabric of Star Trek's moral compass and played on the more glamourous assets of certain actresses in what should be a universe of equality not sex-ploitation.

So to the best costume, the one that blew us away - and I could be really predictable and say the movie monster maroon uniforms but I'm not. Oh no that's too damn obvious and I've already chosen some "easy ones" as my answers so I need to push the boat out for this one. What else did I consider? Well, the Jem'Hadar uniforms got some attention as did the Borg and even Q's ego-tripping judge costume from Encounter at Farpoint passed my mind. but y'know I'm actually going Klingon as I think General Chang's getup from The Undiscovered Country is superb.

It's all about the differences that were played in against Gorkon's chancellor outfit as well as the intricacies that were included such as the symbols on the screwed-on eyepatch and the embossing on the heavy-looking sash that completes the warrior ensemble. It's solidly warrior all over but with its own edge and colouring marking the general out as much more important than your average Klingon. Add in veteran actor Christopher Plummer and you have a complete package like no other. Chang's outfit is as unique as his ship and his outlook on the quadrant which play such a huge part of the sixth movie.

Liking your Klingon? A fan of the skant? Rocked by Ru'Afo's ensemble? What's your thoughts?

Question twenty-one will be with you tomorrow at 1pm!

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