Sunday, 1 May 2016

Frantic Photos - a Host of Beyond Pics

Maybe the growing shout for a new Star Trek Beyond trailer has had an effect on Paramount with a good wad of photos being sneakily dumped onto the net via Chinese language websites (hence the watermarks) among other places. 

So while other sites will dump and run, here's my take on what these pics say about the upcoming movie.

Let's start with the one I've chosen to head up the article from that Chinese website. It must be from a later point in the film after the senior staff have regrouped from the destruction of the Enterprise. I'd suggest this is actually aboard the Franklin due to the ageing look and size of the apparent bridge unit. Pretty standard Starfleet console formation with the twin console at the front with a captain's chair in the middle. I'd hazard a guess that the jackets are the Franklin ones too. No sign of Uhura in this shot (might explain one later) and I'd also draw attention to the phaser McCoy is holding which is a very clear redesign from the previous two movies.

Next let's take this second bridge shot. Still on that other ship (Franklin?) with Sulu and Chekov in their familiar bridge positions. Not the most exciting shot released but is that a ship dedication plaque I can see just to the left of Sulu's head? When yoou zoom in it's not a control panel so I'd say this confirms its a second Starfleet vessel. That and the English numbers on the door. Could this be the crew returning to a planet to rescue those captured when the Enterprise went down?

Third shot. Another on the rusty bridge set but this time Jaylah, played by Sofia Boutella is making a relaxed appearance. Now from previous photos it seems that she'll be teaming up with Scotty and with Kirk at some point in the movie. What exactly her role is within Beyond remains clouded although the fact she's not under guard or with a phaser pointed at her suggests her alliances are with the Starfleet crew. I would hazard she will be a guide on the alien world where we will encounter Krall following the attack on the Enterprise.

Fourth pic and one which adds to the trailer sequence. Looks like Pegg has the Spock/McCoy relationship well, pegged, if you will. I'd suggest this one is post-Enterprise evacuation and pre-Franklin. One thing definitely to take from this is that Spock at least will have had some direct contact with an alien race since that weapon he's carrying is far from Starfleet issue. Could the pair have escaped from that labour camp-esque environment we saw in the trailer?

So as not to leave her out of the photos we have a shot of Zoe Saldana as Uhura. One thing that is unclear from the trailer and anything we've seen so far is that state of her romantic relationship with Spock. One pained look in a photo possibly in that prison camp, doesn't really go far in helping us get much in the way of the film. I suppose the fact that she's in her standard red uniform indicates this was not a prepped away mission! What the structure us behind her I can't say BUT the glimpse of an arm in the left hand corner does lie well with the captured crew scenario.

Adding to the rage of pics, that lovely website also provided two images from behind the camera with one of director Justin Lin leaning over the control console of the rusty ship. What I really get from this movie and the material we've received so far is just how little of it would seem to be played out on the Enterprise at all leaving the crew in a situation not so far distant from when they were without their familiar starship in The Voyage Home (although I suspect this won't hit those kind of highs...). 

Second shot has Lin in cahoots with Chris Pine again on this bridge set. From the amount of pics on it they're certainly getting their money's worth and, cleverly, it means that nothing has really been given away about the movie apart from the notion that the main cast will be, at some stage, together in one location. Only the one shot of Kirk and Krall has emerged so far and that is most certainly in the early stages of Beyond since its taking place in an Enterprise corridor section. Thoughts here - that Krall's attack turns from spaceborne into an internal fight...OR could this actually be the big climactic fight?

Ok, Ok, bear with me here. So the Franklin turns up and helps rescue the crew and then Kirk and co return in a new Enterprise to defeat Idris Elba's villain. Could happen and would help explain why only specific shots and bits of the film have so far been made available. Hopefully this new trailer coming in May will clear things up a bit. Or not at all.

Oh and here's another thing. By the time we were this close to the Into Darkness launch we'd had at least one movie poster (the one with Khan framed by the wreckage-shaped Starfleet delta symbol) and again, here we have...nothing. I hope that May 2016 will start answering a lot of questions.

So what are your thoughts on the plot of Star Trek Beyond? What have you gleaned from the bits of info we've had to this point? Will it be better than Into Darkness?

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