Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Next Wave: Previewing the Official Starship Collection Issues 85 to 90

A new batch of ships was announced yesterday to take the collection to just ten issues away from 100 editions.

It's a very mixed bag with craft from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise all appearing plus a third ship from Insurrection.

Here's my take on what we have to come in what is turning into a bit of a ships-heavy week!

Federation Holoship

Straight in with that third ship from Insurrection following on from the Enterprise-E Captain's Yacht and the Mission Scoutship. From John Eaves' extensive design book it's one of the more blocky Federation classes which played a key part in the ninth movie. While pretty simplistic in shape, I expect this to have a whole ton of features across the hull which will make it well worth a look. Receiving another from Insurrection does make me hopeful for Sona craft.
Anticipation Level: 3.5/5

Gorn Ship

Issue 86 and a third ship from the remastered The Original Series after the Antares and the  Stella. A truly unusual design from Mike Okuda, I'm very excited to get my hands on this one as I've only seen it as a tiny model for Attack Wing. Even in the remastered episode it was a flash but here we will get to take a better look at this quad-engined vessel. However, I do have reservations that we have veered off to remastered episodes already for issues when there are so many from regular stories that we haven't seen.
Anticipation Level: 4/5

UTS Aeon

The United Time Ship Aeon has been teased since issue one and finally we have it - as issue 87. A small one man temporal craft, it was piloted by Captain Braxton before being "acquired" by Henry Starling in Future's End. There have been a lot of these smaller ships recently and they're proved very interesting to see since the larger scale offers much more chance to craft extensive surface details.
Anticipation Level: 3/5


A Vulcan craft from the Enterprise first season episode, Fusion. Not the standard Vulcan design from the period as with the D'kyr and Surok Classes since this is a civilian craft but nonetheless I expect this to have the usual brilliant quality finish that's become standard from ships featured in the prequel series. While I might not be on the edge of my seat for this one (not a big Vulcan fan) I do believe it will be a well finished vessel.
Anticipation Level: 2/5

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J

Second ship in a row from Enterprise and one that made a brief appearance and then, only from the inside. The sleek, spindly but huge Doug Drexler imagined Enterprise-J model has already been teased by Ben Robinson on Twitter and is radically different from anything Starfleet we've had to date. Definitely the craft from this release batch that will receive the most interest. A friend of mine noted that those engines might see a lot of the J's arrive in kit-form...
Anticipation Level: 4.5/5

Romulan Scout Ship

A ship that made a handful of appearances in The Next Generation starting with season three's The Defector. A lovely Romulan design, I've had one in my Attack Wing collection for a while but now Eaglemoss will offer one up that will again provide a better chance to see all the facets of this, smaller Imperial craft. Does this mean the Science Vessel will be soon? Just worth a note that the gent who designed this (Ed Giddings) also has the Vidiian Warship on his site and the Nova Squadron trainer which may well be turning up in the 90's...
Anticipation Level: 3/5

A steady selection of ships but nothing from Deep Space Nine which is a little disappointing but then you can't have everything. There are still several glaring omissions from the collection especially from the Delta Quadrant but with the longer the collection exists, the more chance we have of seeing them. Good to see the Aeon arrive as I know it's been expected since the beginning. Of them all though, the Enterprise-J has to be top of everyone's list.

What are you most looking forward to?

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