Sunday, 11 September 2016

Another Five Years Done: IDW Issue 59 and 60

And so here we are - the final adventure of IDW's extremely successful ongoing series with Ian Kimmins taking a look at this seminal story.

Connection kicks off with both Captain Kirks waking up in their quarters. Yes it's a good old fashioned characters swapping universe stories!

Kelvin Kirk wakes up in The Original Series' Kirks quarters and vice versa. As the story progresses we get to find out a bit more why this has happened plus we get to see two more crew members swapped out. One of these is purely for fun and is excellently done. 

Mike Johnson does an absolutely awesome job with the characters voices. Both Pine and Shatner's Kirks are spot one here. Little details such as Shatner's pausing and emphasis on words brings you into the story more. 

All the other characters are very well written and there are little nods to each universe. 

Special mention must go to Tony Shasteen for this issue as he had to use a split page to tell the story but it never feels forced or squashed in. Both the Prime and Kelvin versions are very well done and it is up there with some of his best work. 

Connections, Part Two begins in the engine room of both Enterprises with Scotty, Spock and Kirk examining the probe that the starships had launched at the end of the last issue. Spock deducts from the probe that they are transferring to an alternate reality. 

But as he and Scotty try to figure out how to stop this they are transferred to the other Enterprise. Uhura is the one that figures out the anomaly is actually a trapped life form that is trying to escape and is causing both Enterprises to combine into one. The Enterprise crew realise that a matter/antimatter explosion will free the creature and allow the ship(s) to return to normal. 

Normally this is where most Star Trek stories end but we get a nice tribute as both Kirk's are able to review each others logs due to the partial merge. Here we get to see that while both Kirk's are different at the core they share the same commitment & conviction to the ongoing mission. 

As this series ends on issue 60 we get a nice symmetry with the Enterprise crew ending their five year mission (five years x 12 issues = 60). 

I can't wait for the folks at IDW to take the reigns on the next series. Until then enjoy the down time until we are ready to Boldly Go.....

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