Thursday, 24 November 2016

Discovery: Yeoh Kicks Us Off

I said yesterday morning that I wouldn't get on-board with the whole Michelle Yeoh thing.

However reading only a little more into it I think we can solidly say that Yeoh is going to be in Discovery

Writer and former Star Trek movie director Nicholas Meyer all but confirmed her involvement saying that she was in it but managed to stop short of actually stating what role she would be playing in the much anticipated CBS show. 

Yeoh is most famous for her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and in Tomorrow Never Dies. For Formula One fans she's also known as FIA President Jean Tote's wife. 

Certainly a massive name with a big cinematic history, Yeoh herself has "neither confirmed or denied" her involvement in Discovery which in itself seems to be a massive admission that she will be starring in the series. I'm actually amazed that CBS have secured such a massive name to top their show and she will definitely be a big draw for franchise fans and also to her followers.

I think we were convinced that such a big name would surely be cast as the lead lieutenant commander "with caveats" that Fuller toted a few months back but now multiple sites are indicating that she will actually be Captain Han Bo of the USS Shenzhou. Couple of things to note in that case.

Yeoh is clearly a sign of the multicultural nature of Discovery and also suggests that there could be several high profile names linked to the project since she's not even on the lead ship (let alone the lead character). It also means that the show is going to have multiple locations and not just be set on the Discovery - you wouldn't get Yeoh just for an occasional guest role now would you?! Also having this USS Shenzhou means we are getting at least two new Federation Starship designs which will keep lots of people even happier.

This is all still unconfirmed and could just be a little rumour that's got completely out of control. Heck, we don't really know if this will be her character name and I'd certainly have some salt to hand...

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