Monday, 14 November 2016

FanSets Khan't Go Wrong

A delivery from FanSets cannot help but put a smile on your face. It's a bag of joy that's sealed with Trekkie love and filled with painstaking precision and workmanship. 

This is our third delivery from the ever impressive FanSets company and the fact that the range keeps on expanding tells you everything you need to know. This is a winning series in all areas. The worst thing about FanSets is that they keep teasing more and more releases (HMS Bounty for one and the Troi pin the wife is desperate for) and the quality is still (ALWAYS) at the top line.  

So to the brilliance of this delivery and we have a mix of ships and people to analyse; Kirk and Spock from The Original Series (Mrs B has already poached the Vulcan), The Wrath of Khan's Khan alongside the USS Bonaventure from The Animated Series, the USS Reliant and the Captain's Yacht from Insurrection.  Side note - great to get both the Reliant and Khan with this delivery - just a movie Enterprise and they could do a Star Trek II special set!!!

On top of that we have the two exclusive San Diego Comic Con badges (YES!!!!) plus one made especially for New York Comic Con and a 50th anniversary pin. It's a lot to cover which means we're going visual...

Rather than words with these FanSets badges I've run up a vid which features all the new badges and gives you a good look at the fantastic work on offer. Take a look!

Get across to FanSets here to start - or expand - your collection! Which characters or ships do you think deserve the FanSets touch?

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