Thursday, 10 May 2018

Second Discovery - First Trailer

The latest shots from the first days of production on the current Star Trek expansion have surfaced thanks to CBS’ teaser trailer for season two.

The amount of information contained in these 58 seconds of footage are spectacular to say the least so let’s take a casual glance over the nuggets of Trek gold contained within.

Stage Seven looks set to contain some amazing new sets for the year including the obvious Discovery but we would surmise from this footage, the USS Enterprise too.

The first hints of what’s to come are pretty much from the get go with our first glimpse at a command yellow uniform with captain’s braiding being put together while in the background we have audio clips from The Cage of Pike and Spock adding more than subtle suggestions at the presence of these two characters in season two.

Moving swiftly through we have shots of the Discovery bridge and one of some form of construction which could be the Enterprise but the next one to really pique interest has to be the floor plans which note the presence of a THIRD ship or prominent location with the title of ‘Section 31 - Bridge/Lab’. Is this a swing set that will act as two locations instead of a third starship? Is that starship (if that is the case) perhaps the USS Hiawatha which was noted in the guest announcement of Tig Notaro.

That’s the only hint of Section 31 as the teaser piles us back into the shots we really, really want to know about - the Enterprise. But - talking of plans - did you see the ‘L’Rell’s Garden’ plan (included at bottom of article)? Yep - definitely looks like season two will be bringing back the new leader of the Klingon Empire and you would think that Tyler will be alongside her as well causing more heartache for Burnham.

Now, following the shot of the command uniform we get production sketches of the red Support Services attire. Now, if we adhere to canon proper then these shouldn’t appear at all in Discovery since they are included in neither The Cage nor Where No Man Has Gone Before between which stories we must assume Discovery is set. Even if it is set before The Cage then the red uniforms are a no no. Of course, who is to say that these were only being introduced at the time Discovery meets Enterprise and therefore just might not have been seen onscreen. It’s a stretch but not that unreasonable.

Now amongst the other shots of set builds, the Discovery bridge and Saru green screened in the captain’s chair of the Discovery (holo-communicator shot or promo shot perhaps?) we have another look at the command yellow uniform from the back showing some big upgrades in the creation of this classic garment particularly in the way that the back is segmented and also in what appears to be more hard-wearing elbow pads. Now, if you’re very eagle-eyed look to the right of the shot and you can see a first glimpse of the blue sciences uniform although the wearer is a mystery. Burnham is just visible above the camera to the left and then appears in the subsequent shot of her entering the Enterprise bridge as can be surmised from the decal on the left of the door - and check out that view screen (both images below)!!!!

The stage is - literally - set for new adventures of the Discovery. Can't wait for some more cast announcements!

What did you spot in the trailer? What did we miss?

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