Thursday, 26 July 2018

Second Sighting: Discovery’s Comic-Con Trailer

And the reason we haven’t seen the new captain of the Discovery... because they’re borrowing one for this season in the form of Anson Mount’s Christopher Pike! 

Yes, a classic Star Trek character will be in the centre seat for at least some of season two which will leave the USS Enterprise under the watchful eye of Number One who we now know will be played by Rebecca Romijn known to many Marvel fans as Mystique in the original X-Men movie trilogy.

But what else can we glean from the newly dropped Star Trek Discovery trailer? Of course it’s time to get screen capturing and take a look at those two and a half minutes of tease.

"We have always looked to the stars to discover who we are and hidden there was a message; a secret made of space and time. Visible only to those open enough to receive it."

Opening up with a monologue from the newly reminted Burnham we have the Discovery being hailed by the Enterprise with Captain Pike beaming aboard. Mount has such a presence even from the trailer that his Pike is definitely going to be memorable from the off and you can even see how the crew of the Discovery are in awe of him when he arrives with two members of his staff in this trailer.

We get a few passing shots of the Enterprise from the perspective of the Discovery, on the viewscreen, through a window, as the Crossfield Class ship departs for its mission. Some great shots of the starship and it's very odd to see her guest-starring in a show which has only happened once before in Emissary for the kick-off of Deep Space Nine in 1993. 

The redesigned command gold uniform is incredibly bright and look closely as you’ll spot that the pattern under the single colour is exactly the same as the Discovery blues. Even the collar is the same asymmetric style just black. It’s clever that they have chosen to keep the underlying look the same and tie in the larger franchise with this alteration. Make sure you also spot - towards the end of the trailer - Anson wearing the blue Discovery uniform so he will be sticking around for a while. Could we be going for a new captain each season until Burnham gets command?!

As with the original trailer for season one there’s a lot of Burnham in here clad in a redesigned spacesuit. In Italy it appears that she is trapped on some alien world in not too dissimilar a situation to what Spock encountered at the beginning of Into Darkness.  She definitely looks "pained" at times so there's got to be some form of danger out there for the crew to defend the Federation against.

So why is Pike on board the Discovery

He’s been brought in because of some strange occurrences in the store. It seems something strange has shown up in the galaxy and Regulation 19 Section C is being brought into play. "Seven bright bursts spread out over 30,000 light years..." are giving off signals like nothing seen before and the Discovery is going to find out.

The visuals of the space-suited crew tend to suggest more time out on alien worlds and might be all from the same mission. These suits definitely look different to the one Burnham wore in The Vulcan Hello. The visors look tighter around the head and the uniforms less cumbersome than from Burnham's encounter with the Torchbearer.

The second biggest thing really in the trailer beside Mount Pike (that might stick) are those cool little travel pods that everyone is spinning around in. There looks like an asteroid field that Burnham is racing through but there's no context as to what this is all about. Is it connected to the planetside walk. Where is this walk? Could it be on the Klingon homeworld possibly since there have been hints that we will be going back there.

Nice bit of humour there for the bridge crew who look like they'll be getting a lot more screen time but on the flip he only get a brief glimpse of Tilly and Stamets in Engineering lauding the joys of maths (and there's a high five in there for good measure). Is the spore drive going to make a return this year since there's not even a glimpse of it in the trailer. That might suggest it's been consigned to the past!

What we do know is that this is all linked to a certain Vulcan named Spock who has taken time away from the Enterprise. Burnham gets to take a look inside his quarters - there's Spock's science division uniform and a lot of questions to answer. I figured that we hadn't heard a casting announcement which meant either super-secrecy or that he hadn't been cast yet and now it seems that the latter is correct. Also this is probably the room that Michael is walking into in the first trailer. One question to raise here though; where is Sarek? Last time we saw him he was on the bridge of the Discovery just as the Enterprise appeared but he's not even in the background of a single shot here.

Our new Chief of Engineering for the USS Hiawatha also rears her head with a bit of dry humour in a very brief intro clip for Tig Notaro. Certainly with this and the earlier lighter moments of the bridge crew it would indicate that season two will be a little less dark than the first 15 episodes were.

But don't expect this to be a comedy since there's still a healthy amount of explosions and sparks a flying to keep the action interest and what is that item that the whole crew are seeming to be assembled around at 2:36? What are they all looking up at?

This trailer really does have everything and the kitchen sink in there. It's going to be an action-filled season just as season one provided and I would strongly think that the footage we're getting here is from the first few episodes. 

Of course we couldn't mention a trailer breakdown without the first appearance of the Saurian, Linus in the "post-credits" turbolift sequence. Once more it's an indication that there is going to be that lighter tone for the show behind all the action and adventure we've come to know already. For note the two Enterprise crew are Rachel Ancheril as Lieutenant Naan and Sean Connelly Affleck as Lieutenant Connelly - an opportunity missed for these to be Yeoman Colt and Lieutenant Tyler???

Already feeling like 2019 is a long way off? Don't fret m'dears because we have been promised a series of four 15 minute "shorts" before the end of 2018 which will offer some insight into the show's characters including one on Saru which will reportedly reveal the predator species from his homeworld. Another will tackle Tilly, a third will be about a new character to the franchise and the final one will belong to a certain Harcourt Fenton Mudd...

Do you have any suspicions for season two? What was missing from the trailer that you want to know?

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