Sunday, 7 July 2019

Picard's Got a Runner

Michael Chabon will be helming Picard.


Since September he's been a part of the writing team for the upcoming All Access/Amazon Prime show and is also responsible for the Short Trek that now makes a ton more sense, Calypso

Prior to that Chabon is most well-known for his novel work and the fact that he won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 2001.

But I'm not going to drone on about the past. We now have three live action series with distinct showrunners for each - Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise for Discovery, Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt for the Section 31 show and Chabon for Picard.

This is parallel to the '90's with Rick Berman overseeing Brannon Braga for Enterprise, Jeri Taylor for Voyager and Ira Steven Behr for Deep Space Nine. I would fathom that Kurtzman will work in a similar fashion as the overall controller of the franchise. 

Looking over Chabon's Wikipedia entry (I'm not taking this as gospel), it mentions that his work contains gay, bisexual and Jewish characters a lot of the time which I believe means that we will be seeing more diversity in Star Trek than we have ever experienced before and that's a damn good thing. Chabon's writing looks to suggest that he will strive to be different, edgy and unique - can't wait to see what he's helping to create with Sir Patrick Stewart.

Over on Discovery there's been the suggestion that season three will introduce a character who is not (and I'm hoping I get this right) binary - as in they will not identify as male or female and will represent those persons who wish not to specify gender or wish to be termed as gender neutral.

Certainly Star Trek seems to be responding to this movement a lot more quickly than it did in regards to the LGB community in the 90's which was actually highlighted during the What We Left Behind documentary by Ira Steven Behr. There have been many "attempts" over the years - The Next Generation's The Outcast and Deep Space Nine's Rejoined being the nearest to the mark before the characters of Stamets and Culber on Discovery really smashed the mould.

San Diego Comic-Con promises to reveal a lot more with looks at Discovery, Picard plus Lower Decks and Section 31 all expected at what could be this year's most important panel...

What are your expectations for SDCC? Any predictions?

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