Thursday, 25 July 2019

SDCC - Lower Decks

Second up on our tour of all things SDCC is Mike McMahon's new animated series.

Now confirmed to be set in the post-Nemesis era (with Voyager back home), Lower Decks will find us getting to know four ensigns aboard the California Class USS Cerritos.

While plot details are non-existent we now have a full cast list, stills of the main characters and the command crew of this less-than-important ship of the fleet. So what do we know?

The Ensigns (not) of Command

Four members of the crew will be our guides in the show covering all three disciplines.

Ensign Mariner - voiced by Tawny Newsome is a no-nonsense ensign who gets the job done. Newsome will also be the host of the new CBS Star Trek podcast announced at SDCC.

Ensign Boimler - voiced by Jack Quaid who goes by the book, gets his own way and seems to be an expert when it comes to mental exercise but isn't practically minded.

 Ensign Tendi - voiced by Noel Wells is the Trekkie in us all and hugely excited to be on the mission. 

Ensign Rutherford - voiced by Eugene Cordero is the engineer who can do anything but won't have it solved by the end of the episode.

The Command Crew

Joining the quartet will be...

Captain Freeman - voiced by Dawnn Lewis

Commander Ransom - voiced by Jerry O'Connell

Dr T'Ana - voiced by Gillian Vigman (she's a cat!!!)

Lieutenant Shaxs - voiced by Fred Talasciore (note he's a Bajoran!)

Not much else to reveal on this one at the moment. Characters, ship name....done. I'm hoping that Las Vegas will give us some more details about the upcoming animation!

What do you want to see in Lower Decks?

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