Sunday, 8 November 2020

A Few Words from Jean-Luc: The Wisdom of Picard

Set for a 10th December release, Adams Media’s definitely-suitable-as-stocking-filler might be the words of inspiration you’re looking for in these uncertain, locked down times.

Chronicling the greatest words and phrases from the captain of the Federation’s flagship, The Wisdom of Picard covers every season of The Next Generation, the four movies that followed and the recent first season of Picard

Edited by Chip Carter, the book is separated out into five sections with each taking a different angle on the learned Jean-Luc, capturing those classic moments. There's The Final Frontier (Philosophy and Humanity), Where No One Has Gone Before (History and Science), New Life and New Civilisations (Literature and the Arts), Strange New Worlds (Exploration and Adventure) and To Boldly Go (Politics, Leadership and Diplomacy) so at just a flick through you can find a relevant phrase. 

Within each part we have those key words from the captain such as his chilling appearance as Locutus in The Best of Both Worlds, his revealing discourse with Seven in Stardust City Rag, passionately defending Data in The Measure of a Man and making the sky the limit in All Good Things... - but it’s got a lot more in there too and that’s where the headings come in to play.

Splitting The Wisdom of Picard into bite size pieces makes it a lot easier to find what kind of phraseology you’re looking for. Each is also paired with an image from the relevant episode and this includes everything up to Ergo in Arcadia, Part II which aired earlier this year (2020).

It’s a nice little volume to dip on and out of with his epic words divided into a series of categories so when you need one to assist in your diplomatic duties with the Gorn Hegemony you won’t be at all lost. 

The research here is very good with a nice, concise introduction to each section followed by the appropriate quotes. In one sitting it is a very quick read but I foresee this being something more to dip in and out of to seek some inspiration in one area or another.

Definitely something as a quality stocking filler for the discerning Star Trek fan or perhaps even your average fan of the recent Picard series alone. Given the mess of a year we've had alongside all the political shenanigans going on coupled with a pandemic and there's got to be a few words from Patrick Stewart's alter ego that will happily sum up the best and worst of times in a positive fashion. 

Ideal as a Christmas stocking filler, this little gem is already available for Kindle and will be out in hardback (my preference) from December 10th.

The Wisdom of Picard ISBN 978-1-5072-1473-2 is priced at £9.99 from Simon and Schuster

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