Friday, 20 November 2020

Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium

Many a Starfleet officer has been spotted at Ten Forward, Quarks or at an alien watering hole getting to grips with a variety of drinks, especially if they're green.

Star Trek Cocktails brings the flavour of the galaxy right to your door and possibly to your drinks cabinet with a range of concoctions from the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Quadrants with something suitable for every connoisseur of a tipple or two. 

Handily split into nine sections, there's not just a drink suitable for the right person but for the right occasion as well be it for entertaining, a lonely night in, something a little bit more romantic or just for that party night, you'll no doubt find it in here and if it's a Star Trek themed night, well, it's bonus points all round!!!

All of the beverages included go by a Trek related name of course and beneath a few you might spot some more than recognisable combinations but everything has that intergalactic twist. Each drink is provided with a double page - a classy illustration that weaves in the drink and an association in the Star Trek universe plus also explaining how to make it on the other side and the characteristics that give it its name. 

What I was surprised to find is that, not only does Star Trek Cocktails include a wealth of recipes to tickle those terrestrial tastebuds, there's a trickle of episode and film scenes involving drinks included throughout. These honour everything from Pike and Boyce's conversation in the opening 15 minutes of The Cage right through to Discovery including The Next Generation's Ensign Ro, the movie Generations, Deep Space Nine's The Way of the Warrior and a few more. These add a bit more life to a book that could become monotonous even if you're just having a flick through. 

Fans will enjoy this addition for a couple of reasons - it is quirky (not to the level of Mr Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness), clever and impressively for a Star Trek book actually goddamn useful outside of fandom. It'll spice up a few social events after we all get out of lockdown but before then it could even give you something to play around with over the upcoming festive period with anyone inside your social bubble.

Star Trek Cocktails is out now as an online exclusive from HeroCollector and you can purchase it HERE

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