Thursday, 22 August 2013

Diamond Bounty and Pike on the Bridge

One of those "surely they'll make this..." models finally hits the shelves - and while it might just be a painted ship name it's sure not to disappoint.

Captured from Kruge in The Search for Spock and providing the escape route from Genesis, the HMS Bounty is now part of the Diamond Select Toys range and you don't have to travel to Vulcan, Q'onoS or 1986 to get it!

Measuring 19 inches wide by 12 inches long, this new edition of the Bird of Prey includes exclusive sounds and dialogue. The big thing that we're all looking for though is there - a set of landing gear with HMS Bounty on it!

Overall the ship isn't new but the changes and additions are something that hasn't (in my memory) been marketed before. I seem to recall that the first Bird of Prey kit AMT produced was for Generations. The recommended retail price for the Bounty is $70 (£44.96). 

Personally I just love this model. The design is, without a shadow of a doubt, a classic and it's great to see a model that directly ties into one of the movies - even if it is just a ship name on a landing leg cover. While I haven't heard the sounds, I'll pray that it has Scotty declaring "Admiral; There be whales here!"

From the pictures it looks well detailed and film-accurate. Great work here, Diamond Select, you might be convincing me to part with some money.

The second reworking of an existing Diamond Select item is a new version of the Minimates-style USS Enterprise, this time based on the pilot episode, The Cage. 

With new paint and sculptural details and an exclusive figure of Captain Pike, the ship measures 10 inches long and features an opening cockpit and a hidden Jeffries tube in the engineering section. 

Decalled up on the bridge as per the first pilot, Pike also comes in his pilot episode uniform and totes one of the more pistol-like phasers from The Cage.

For comparison The Cage starship is on the left while the Enterprise released with Kirk and his Tribbles is to the right. The clear difference is the addition of the spikes on the front of the engine nacelles but aside from that there (at first) appears to be very little difference between the two. Personally I'd probably aim to get this new variant just to be that little bit different.

Next question - any possibility of a movie variant of the Enterprise with a version of the Admiral or Captain Kirk to suit? Maybe even get an "A" suffix in there? Suggested retail price for this addition to the range is $29.99 (£19.26).

With this release of Pike as part of an Enterprise set could there be the possibility of more figures from The Cage in the future? Number One? Spock? Boyce? Now there's surely a couple of double sets just waiting to be licenced!

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