Monday, 2 September 2013

Into Darkness: The Lost Blog

Going through the pictures on my phone the other day I found a clip I had totally forgotten about but now might have just a smidgen of relevance given today's DVD/blu-ray release.

It's a video of me outside the cinema before going to see Star Trek Into Darkness on opening day at midnight. See what you think and did any of these predictions manage to come true or did we just avoid them like the plague. Anyway, it's just being put out there....!

Why didn't I post it? Well it kind of got forgotten in all the excitement that surrounded the movie and became slightly irrelevant at the time. Now it's just a great chance to look back at a snapshot of time before we'd seen Into Darkness and experienced the second bite of JJ Abrams' Star Trek vision.

Of course the next question is, how does it fair on the smaller screen four months after it's cinematic opening back in May? Is it better, worse and what do the extras bring to the table? 

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