Thursday, 19 September 2013

Seven Up and 2014 Starts with a "B"

Diamond Select continue to advance their excellent Star Trek range with a recent release and some great news about what we can expect in 2014.

We've all probably seen this one by now, but the  first Star Trek Femme Fatale has arrived and it's Voyager's Seven of Nine! Based on Jeri Ryan's character from Star Trek: Voyager, this PVC statue stands 9 inches tall and comes packaged in a window box.

It's a great figure although the background colouring seems to be a little different to how I remember it (although it was quite dark in that cargo bay). At first glance it appears to be a decent likeness and I can tell this is one of those collectibles that will be flying off the shelves just because of who it is. Diamond Select have set the RRP at $45.00 (£28.31)

Next up is a stunning and surprising release from DST - the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B from Star Trek: Generations. While I always welcome something new to do with this awesome and little seen starship it's excitement squared here at Some Kind of Star Trek as they've gone as far as marking her up with damage sustained in the encounter with the Nexus energy ribbon. Now you can see the spot where Kirk made his last stand in the 23rd Century!

The adapted Excelsior-class starship has an all-new paint deco to replicate its on-screen damage Packaged in a Try Me window box so customers can test its movie-accurate lights and sounds, the Enterprise-B measures 16 inches long and comes with an adjustable display stand. For this space-bourne beauty is recommended for sale at $60.00 (£37.75). We look forward to seeing what lights and sounds are included as these have yet to be announced.

You might have spotted that we're a bit of a fan of the old Enterprise-B so this is much anticipated and we look forward to seeing her in the flesh and out of the box in the near future - great choice to release her, DST - Enterprise-C a possibility for later next year?

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