Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Fuller Back for 2017

Bryan Fuller's greatest dream has probably just come true.

Announced yesterday, Fuller is to be one of the co-creators of the new series set to launch in January 2017. It's big news for the former Deep Space Nine and Voyager writer who at one time had put forward his own plans for a new series but didn't see the idea come to fruition.

Of course, now he's on board alongside Star Trek movie scribe Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin there's every likelihood that some of his ideas from that project will surface within the framework of the new series. I mean, come on, why else would you take him on board unless you want to tap that extensive Star Trek knowledge and understanding of the Roddenberry ideology we know he fully grasps.

There have been some comments out there that his luck with previous series has been hit and miss with not many running their full course. Hannibal was cancelled after three seasons, Pushing Daisies felt the axe and so did Wonderfalls but that doesn't mean this will go the same way (unless it's really horrific)  but it does indicate that CBS are looking to plant some firm foundations and look to the Prime origins of the franchise rather than chasing after the line followed by the JJ Abrams films.

His Deep Space Nine writing credits (a series that inspired him to write for the show) push to just two episodes from season five in The Darkness and the Light and Empok Nor while his Voyager credentials runs to acting as story editor and later co-producer as well as being involved with 20 episodes including the two final season two-parters, Flesh and Blood and Workforce plus Fury from season six and two of my all-time favourites in Gravity and the top notch Living Witness. Fans might question his non-Star Trek material but his work on the show cannot be questioned and I am very pleased he's on the board to steer the new show in, hopefully, the right direction. For one thing I'd request that we stop ratting on him when not a character has been cast. Why Star Trek fans have become so cynical I can understand a little but let's give the guy a chance please.

From what Kurtzman is quoted as saying on, it seems he's very happy to have Fuller on board - of course that could be because they now have someone on the team at the top who has some modicum of an idea where they need to be heading. On the other hand could the return of Bryan Fuller actually restrict the show and hold it back from evolving and being something relevant for the times? We know from his thoughts that while he liked Deep Space Nine and Voyager, he was a bigger fan of the bright luminescence of the 1960's series which he felt was a little lost in the later shows (info from interview on Perhaps having such Star Trek rich beliefs could stifle the creativity and not allow it to explore new frontiers?

Apparently it was known last year that he would be exec'ing on the show (as noted by Ben Robinson from The Official Starships Collection on Twitter) so the question does have to be raised - why has it taken so long to announce? Is it down to contracts, dragging out the publicity a little...? Could it be they want to have at least two full-time hands on the rudder since Kurtzman may well be pottering off to work on The Invisible Man reboot movie? Just a thought but I go back again and say this is a very, very good move. 

He has experience with the franchise in its TV form, he provides a firm link to the Roddenberry vision and can therefore offer the guidance that I for one have hoped they would taken to ensure it steers in line with Star Trek's vision and ideals. If there are hints of his Reliant series smattered about that can't be a bad thing since it will anchor the show with its history.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on the news from me. I don't want to speculate too much as I know there will be more to come. At least we've had some new news on the show after it's November announcement. Now all we need is a trailer for Beyond which makes it look like Star Trek and not just some kinda big summer action movie...

What do you think to the news that Bryan Fuller is returning to the Star Trek fold?

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