Saturday, 13 February 2016

Ships, Films and Games: Guesting with Irish Trekkie

Just a quick one - for a few months now both Damien (TheIrishTrekkie) and myself have been thinking of ways to join forces.

Just over a week ago we grabbed a couple of hours for what we hope will be our first foray into a two-pronged Trek attack and chose to tackle our favourite subject - that of the Starships Collection plus Beyond and finally Timelines. Hilariously our friends over at The Engage Podcast suggested a team up just 24 hours ahead of our already planned chatter - those guys have some interesting mental powers...!!!

Every time I've guested on a fellow fan's podcast or channel it's been a great experience and this was just as good in every single way. Damien's a great guy to work with and we managed to cover current ships in the series (Phoenix and the Xindi Aquatic Cruiser) plus starship model misfires, the highs and lows of the ships we know are coming in the 70's plus which craft we expect to see as specials from the third reboot movie, Star Trek Beyond

Keeping it starships we even managed to chat about our progress on the mobile Timelines game and the way in which starship combat and the look of the craft work - and don't work in this new mobile gaming experience. How Damien has managed to level up so quickly bugged me for a few days but fortunately some acquisition of tools suddenly ramped up all my abilities and I'm back on track (Ensign Wesley Crusher and Captain Kirk are superb crew).

I'd also direct you all to Damien's EXCELLENT YouTube channel where he posts vids unboxing the latest starship models and much, much, much more. I like to think his starship vids are the ying to my written review yang if you will! It's a great place for some generally great geeky stuff so head there right now. Oh and there's even some Star Trek themed pancakes goin' on there from this week...

What we discussed I'll leave for you to drop onto the video below and take a look but needless to say it was a great hour and I hope that we can do it again soon. If you have any suggestions what we could discuss, drop a line below. From the feedback so far it seems we will be putting a second vid together and hopefully not too distant.

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